Bring out yer dead!

The last time I dressed up for Halloween, Carter was President. I shit thee not.

I think once or twice since then I might have sported a headband with kitty ears on them and may have even gone so far as to line my eyes just a ta-a-ad darker (but hey, it was the 80s-90s…who would notice??), but I was too self conscience to get into dressing all out.

This year I was inspired by a no-sew costume I saw in that evil purveyor of crafting, Martha Stewart’s Halloween magazine.

Evil. Pure evil. If I had a half dozen lackeys making sure my glue gun was not only in a place I could find AND use, not to mentioned stocked with glue sticks, I could seriously take her. Instead, you can find me covertly glueing odds and ends at the kitchen counter because it’s granite and the glue easily picks off of it. That is, when I can find the stupid glue gun and wrestle the last remaining glue stick from a cobweb in our basement that may or may not have been bedazzled.


Here’s me holding Aitch with Doodicus at my side. Sparring Partner was unable to dislodge the broom stick that was up his butt and get into the holiday and festoon himself.


And just for fun, while I was editing my photo files, I found this one. I don’t even remember taking it, but considering that Zombies are huge right now, it seems fitting to add it.




10 thoughts on “Bring out yer dead!”

  1. And the whole reason I came in here:

    You three look great!!
    I LOVE her outfit – and how in the Hell is yours No-sew?? How did you make that? It looks difficult!

    1. The only sewing I had to do on mine was to run a 1/2 inch hemming thread via a large yarn needle to create the neckline. No glue. No sewing machine. Aitch’s costume was absolutely no-sew as well. I made the skirt, but the shirt I bought and her horns are actually hair clips that I clipped onto a hat. Doodicus’s costume? Store bought but I spent the most time on it since it was an adult size I had to edit to size and sew back together.

  2. I didn’t dress up this year and I deeply regretted it. I’m already coming up with ideas for next year!

    And BigP was an asshat this year. He was working nights so he would have to get up an hour earlier to participate with our festivities. He wasn’t going to but he changed his mind because he figured out what was best…you know, when choosing between an extra hour of sleep and me making his life Hell for the rest of his life or getting up and participating.

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