#2 – Count me in

Each year I see bloggers take a swing at the NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month) and post each day of November. If it’s someone who normally posts once or twice a month, it’s an impressive feat to be sure. If it’s someone like me who loves to fill your heads with nonsense almost daily? Impressive and Feat are not words that would come to mind.

So with my fourth November of blogging upon me, I have decided to take the plunge. If you’ve been thinking about it but weren’t sure, let me know. Maybe we can be “blogging buddies” where instead of talking each other out of that last cupcake or need convincing to go on that walk, we can come up with ideas for daily posts.



6 thoughts on “#2 – Count me in”

  1. omg you poor woman! I am so sorry your friends suck so much, fancy “talking you out of” a cupcake and into a walk. they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. i feel it is my duty to rectify this situation immediately. read the following anytime one of your so called friends tries to deny you the simplest of pleasures. yes, weight gain the only true friend a girl has.

    eat up lovely that cupcake aint going nowhere but your thighs and you’re looking a mite thin, oh forget the walk the blardy dog can do it’s thing out on the back lawn, surely thats what the man is for, mowing dog poop into free lawn fertiliser. now go on have another cupcake it’s the last one and look, it does have your name on it! guilt? for what? hell no jenny craig just bitter because her best friend ate teh cheesecake and left her with the bran muffins again.

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