#3 – Perspective in Time

mbI never would have – nor could I have – imagined…no, DREAMED…that exactly two years ago the news I received from my clinic would result in Aitch. Only four eggs retrieved – only three fertilized normally – only our last cycle before walking away.

The news was disappointing, to say the least. Sparring Partner went out of town until the transfer so I was shooting up progesterone via an inch and a half, large gauge needle poked painfully  into my backside. I never had felt more alone, and it all seemed like such a lost cause.

THIS? This was no lost cause:

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10 thoughts on “#3 – Perspective in Time”

  1. now you’ve gone and made me all smooshy. The one thing about ivf / DE/ insert any combo of letters, that makes all the loneliness worries and painful butt jabs worthwhile, is to be able to look back on a grainy black and white pic of a bunch of cells and know your little munchkin came from one of them.

    I have the pics of the blobbies embryos 2 x 2 day old embryos barely even a perky 4 cells to be seen and then I can look in their pack and plays at them sleeping (blessed nap time) and I know every heartbreaking moment was worth it.

    my money is on the upper right hand embryo being Aitch, it looks a little fiesty to me.

  2. We went through the same process – ran the bank dry, and it *nearly* worked once (we lost it at about 17 weeks).

    We went the adoption route, and now have a mayhem filled house with three little girls running around it – yes, we are mad 🙂

  3. On a day where everything seems to be going amuck in my work world, those embryo pictures bring it all back into perspective. THAT is what matters most! Amazing, isn’t it?! 🙂

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