#9 – Grooming FAIL

It takes a lot to gross me out. Bring on your blood, guts, protruding bones and gory stitches. When my husband sent me pictures of the time he squished the fingernail clean out of his finger or how he sluiced his kneecap with a rogue piece of metal, while I may go, “Gross!” I don’t cringe or look away. Maybe part of that tolerance is related to growing up on a farm where one is exposed to all kinds of biological fluids, gore and generally the icky stuff on daily basis. I once watched in fascination when my dad took his pocketknife and plunged it into the abdomen of a grain-bloated calf and then stuck a piece of rubber tubing inside the hole to vent the bloat.

Gross, huh?

But this weekend I saw something that made my stomach lurch. The quaint expression, “I think I just threw up in my mouth,” while overused, captured the feeling of revulsion.

I went to an event this weekend that had a concession area set up with several tables for guests to sit and enjoy a moment to rest or a bite to eat. I was mowing through a sandwich when I scanned the tables around us. I watched as a middle-aged woman pulled a comb out of her purse, ran it through her thick, wavy hair, inspected the comb, and THEN removed the hairs from the teeth of the comb AND THEN sprinkle the newly acquired hairs ONTO THE FLOOR next to her table!!

Good god! Who does that kind of shit IN PUBLIC??! When I was describing this to a friend of mine, she asked, “Doesn’t it make you wonder what her car or house is like?” “Uh, no, not until now, thank you,” I answered, fighting a mild stomach heave.

What socially unacceptable grooming behaviors have you witnessed lately?

8 thoughts on “#9 – Grooming FAIL”

  1. My post-pregnancy hair loss is only just now coming to an end. I run my fingers through my hair several times a day, grab the loose ones, and drop them on the floor wherever I happen to be. What difference does it make if they go out in the trash or get swept up later? It’s not like I am dropping them in someone’s food or on their desk (which is likely to happen if I just leave them halfway hanging off my head).

  2. Thankfully it isn’t very recent but when I lived/worked in Ohio, we used to frequent this little cafe for lunch. One day a woman finished her lunch then removed her dentures to suck the food off of them. That overused phrase of yours came to fruition right then. We had to leave.

  3. I cannot tolerate loose hair near, or in, my food. That is about the ONLY time I will walk away from eating. It is a done deal if I find a hair….and god forbid, not MY hair…in food.

    The one thing I seem to see on a fairly frequent basis is people picking their nose when driving. Do they think because they are inside a car, nobody can see?

  4. There is to be NO hair combing at the table!! Even as kids we were taught that.

    Other than the boy-child licking his lips with the ever-present snail-trail of snot (my stomach just flipped) this past week, not too much grosses me out either.

    A has my dream job. Someday when I grow up, I want to work in the Criminal Investigations Department. Someday, someday when I can afford to go back to school.

  5. Ever since I stopped dining in a cafeteria, I have been spared the more disgusting behavior. However, working in a crime lab, I get to hear about some seriously disturbing stuff that people get up to…and we’re talking about the semi-normal people, not the perverts, psychopaths, or sociopaths. All I can say is, when the crime scene guy enters your house to process the scene of a burglary, he should not think the furniture is moving due to the cockroach parade. Ick.

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