#10 – Feedback on Feedback

I saw personalized zipper pulls on Try Handmade  that can hook onto your kid’s backpack or jacket and I thought they were a great idea. I contacted the etsy shop owner, let her know that I wanted our last name (so some weirdo won’t find my son’s jacket and call him by his first name…) and my cell phone number on a couple of pulls.

Within a week, I received them in the mail and added one to Aitch’s jacket and one to Doodicus’ jacket.

A week later, I found the Aitch’s pull in her car seat. Because they were made using a simple single metal loop (imagine the ends of a C squeezed together), it had worked itself open just enough for the thin medal to come off.

I went to Hobby Lobby and for a couple of dollars, I had a package of double loops, which are designed like a key ring, and I replaced the single loops in both the pulls. Now I know that if I forget to remove them before I throw the jackets in the wash, they have a better chance of coming out still intact.

Recently I was in my etsy account and saw that I still needed to post feedback for the shop owner. I’ve been dissatisfied in the past with a couple of previously purchased items from other shops, but have never bothered to provide feedback. This time, while I wasn’t wholly dissatisfied, I felt that my neutral feedback would be an opportunity to share how she could improve the product with a double- or even triple-loop ring.

So that’s what I did.

Within the day, I got an email back from her apologetic over my lack of 100% satisfaction, but passively noted how I could have returned the items for her to fix (which I was able to do on my own in a couple of minutes and for pennies). She told me how no one has ever lost a pull before (I find that impossible to believe. I just doubt anyone said anything and they just keep using a pair of needle-nose pliers to pinch the ends together repeatedly or their tags got lost and well…not much you can do about it then, is there?). She told me how important her feedback was to her and that she would happily refund my entire purchase price, just so I would change my feedback from neutral to positive.

I don’t want a refund. I didn’t pay much for them, and obviously, I got what I paid for. Overall, they met my needs; they just didn’t meet my standards. I altered them so that they would. For me, the issue should be over. It would seem that while she’s offering a full refund, she has not (to date) so it’s starting to feel like a payoff: you give me positive feedback and I’ll pay you for it. I subconsciously squirm in my seat with the idea.

I’ve never seen anything BUT 100% positive in any of the stores I’ve shopped. Have you ever given poor or neutral feedback on an etsy purchase? Would you change your feedback if you were me?