#11 – Under the Wire

Been swamped all day. I’ve made it a third of the way through this posting everyday in November and I’m determined not to let work stand in my way!

I agreed to make nice with the etsy owner, but emphasized that I’m truly not interested in a refund.

I think it’s unfortunate that the feedback system is all or nothing. What’s the point, then? Should I then look at the total number of sales versus feedback and conclude that the difference between the two are the purchasers who felt either neutral or negative about the store owner? Feh.

After asking questions in the conclusion of the past few posts, it’s your turn. Any questions you have for me? It can be whatever you want.

3 thoughts on “#11 – Under the Wire”

  1. I think you mentioned once that you have an art degree. What did you want to do with it (if anything) when you go it?

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