#12 – Password

While I’m fairly certain I have shaken my two shadows from that other place (which shall go unmentioned), I can’t help but feel paranoid about what-ifs. I’ve avoided any cross-references between this new home and my other as best I could, but as long as I stink, I’ll be leaving a waft of Eu de Old Blog wherever I go.

And with that being said Рplus the request to dish on some of my former co-workers РI will have some pwp posts. 

I know, I know…what a pain in the ass. Maybe if I was someone who was making oodles of money off my blog that gained notoriety by being fired for even having a blog, I wouldn’t care and I could enjoy sharing Teh Crazy openly.

Email me at thismamasaid¬†(at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment, and I’ll put you on my list. The GOOD list, not the Shit List. That one’s pretty full already.