#15 – Half Way

I’ve made it half way through NaBloWriMo, and WOW! am I ever unimpressed with what I’ve put out there so far. On the other hand, I don’t want to set my (or yours) expectations so high that you are all let down December 1st.

Speaking of December, Doodicus turns 8 in two weeks. I’m SO not ready for that to happen.

I haven’t sent out the password yet. Since my email account for this blog is new, none of you were in it until I started adding addresses based on comments. Then I’ll create a group and send it then. Actually, I’m still trying to come up with an easy password. I thought “password” was too obvious.

10.14 denim dress (3)
Who says crocs are ugly?


10.14 homework (5)
I did.

4 thoughts on “#15 – Half Way”

  1. Crocs on toddlers are cute! Crocs on bigger kids/adults is getting a little iffy. As for UGGS, I have always thought they were too expensive and kind of UGGly, but I almost caved and bought a pair when I went to the UGG store in Manhattan as a bit of a souvenier. But they didnt’ have my size in stock so my righteous indignation over UGGS remains in tact!

  2. cute kid….ugly shoes.
    sorry, never liked ’em, never will. I refuse to cave into the UGG pressure too. Thankfully, Maggie thinks they’re “stupid-looking”.
    I guess I am raising her right.

    1. What makes you think they’re gratuitous? Those pictures have EVERYTHING to do with my post (in a subliminal way…)!

      (sssshhhhhh!! Don’t tell anyone I’m comment-whoring my kids out.)

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