#16 – Quitters

I subscribe to Qwitter which lets me know when a Twitterer follower unfollows me. It’s awesome for that alone.

I also am signed up for NutshellMail, which sends me Facebook and Twitter updates right to my email. It’s got a few bugs, but again I think it’s awesome.

The combination of Qwitter and NutshellMail have provided me an extra benefit. While I would normally be bereft upon notification of a Twitterer quitting me, even the oral-pleasuring whores and spambots, the animation that goes with the notice takes the edge off.

Here’s how it looks in my email.


But wait, we need a closer shot to really appreciate it.


See. It’s like a little fart drawn out as if to say, “Pfft! Smell that? That’s the smell of me quitting your ass because you failed to follow me back even though I don’t know you and you don’t know me and while I may use a picture of me performing fellatio on my avatar* but the way you described yourself in your profile, I just KNOW we could be GREAT friends!”



* A little credit to both of the Qwitters used in this post, neither were performing fellatio. And I should clarify that the one I didn’t show wasn’t performing fellatio on their avatar, but were using a picture of themselves fellating AS a picture for their avatar. Semantics can be a bitch.