As my memory fades, these at least will not.

1st day home from the hospital. My son took this picture.
Three days old. Her hand on mine.
Her foot at less than one week old in my hand.
Six weeks old and in her basinett.
Even though she now squeezes our breath from us when we snooze this way, we can't put her down.
Her Majesty, now.

#18 – If you didn’t just get an email from me…

….about the new password, then you can assume one of three things:

1) You didn’t ask me for it.

2) You asked me, but your email was wonky so you’ll have to email me again.

3) You asked me, but I said “I don’t EVEN think so!”

Except let’s be real here. You and I both know that I’m so desperate for your love and attention that I would give out the password to any Tom, Denise or Harry who asked.