#18 – If you didn’t just get an email from me…

….about the new password, then you can assume one of three things:

1) You didn’t ask me for it.

2) You asked me, but your email was wonky so you’ll have to email me again.

3) You asked me, but I said “I don’t EVEN think so!”

Except let’s be real here. You and I both know that I’m so desperate for your love and attention that I would give out the password to any Tom, Denise or Harry who asked.

20 thoughts on “#18 – If you didn’t just get an email from me…”

  1. I did not get any such e-mail from you and now I am feeling sad. Sad and unloved…. **sniff, sniff** might I have it please?? Pretty, pretty, pretty please??

  2. I missed having to ask for it too. How come you have to be so prolific?! I’m getting an inferiority complex! Pretty please may I have it? I promise to be good.

  3. Man, give some people a password, and they feel like they have to use it!

    Like…me! We’re all expecting big things now, you know.

  4. damnit woman I came here to try out my fancy new password and DOH you’ve left us hanging. private up lovely. i got an itchy password finger and i’m not afraid to use it.

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