#21 – Hit me over the head with a frozen drumstick, please.

My sisters asked if I would host ThanksgivingĀ at my house next Saturday. They said that it will make things easier for mom. I think it’s because the menfolkĀ like that we have satellite whereas my mom and dad have a TV that plugs into a wall and all four channels get their programming from the antenna on top of the house that doubles as a lightning rod.

But I don’t mind. Really.

However, Sparring Partner thinks it’d be really nice if we play host to HIS family on Thursday. I don’t want to. For MY family, we are doing potluck. Mom’s cooking the turkey and bringing it over. For HIS family, we will have to do everything, and I am a horrible cook. Seriously. I’m so bad that one of the reasons I DON’T want to become a stay at home mom is because then I would be expected to prepare supper, and that does not mean having the oven preheated for the ready-made pizza Sparring Partner picks up on his way home.

Plus, the house is a disaster area. Yes, yes, we all complain about messy houses, but while my messy house is perfectly fine for MY family, it does not meet the muster of the in-laws since both my SIL and MIL employ cleaning services (which really?? My SIL and her husband live alone in their house and she works part time…WTF do they need a cleaning lady for?).

So the deal I struck with Sparring Partner is this: this weekend we will clean and pick up (which we normally do on the weekends), but the kicker is that the house will need to stay neat and tidy until Thursday because I have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I won’t have time Thursday to make the house presentable, much less prepare a Thanksgiving meal for HIS family. If the house does NOT stay neat and tidy, we will not host dinner for HIS family.

I don’t think I’ll even bother to make a grocery list.

However, if you would like to share one of your really easy recipes for a side dish, I’d be forever in your debt!