#23 – An enormous honor and responsibility

A very good friend of mine and her husband have gone through four years of trying to have another baby with no success. They also tried four IUIs with their obstetrician, again with no success. Unexplained secondary infertility, a one-size-fits many diagnosis that while ties up their medical records with a neat looking bow, it leaves a couple falling apart emotionally with more questions than answers.

This friend and her husband told Sparring Partner and I that they put us down as a reference on their adoption application.

I nearly burst into tears over the incredible honor. That I might have a hand in helping my friends bring a baby into their wonderful lives leaves me speechless.

But after sleeping on it, I am yet again on the verge of tears. That I might have a hand in preventing my dear friends from bringing a baby into their lives makes me wonder if I shouldn’t decline. Maybe being speechless would be better than saying something that would be misconstrued. I unfortunately have a talent for that.