#27 – BlaRRgggGhhh…AcChooggxllllgbbbllelll

I don’t know who to formally thank for the tip that actually came in useful last night after Aitch was put to bed, but THANK. YOU!!

The tip, my dear friends?

When dressing the crib mattress, start with the mattress pad (obviously). Cover with a fitted sheet. Put another mattress pad over that and then another fitted sheet. If by the grace of mattress pad loving gift-givers you have a third, then by all means, add that one too.

Crib mattress lasagna, I think it is called.

So yes, after days of rather uneventful sickiness, Aitch decided to hurl after we put her down for bed last night. If she hadn’t decided to roll her muppet-hair in it, we could have simply peeled the first layer of pad/sheets off and put her back down.

This morning she again seems to be right as rain. She’s already packed away about 8 oz of milk, one scrambled egg and at least one strip of bacon (you can blame Sparring Partner for that one). Wait, a slight retraction of the “right as rain” since that would only apply if rain was green and can shoot out of the nose with such velocity AND adhesion that it allows the one firing off nasal frogs to sport an impressive handlebar moustache┬ámade entirely out of mucous.

And while searching for an image of a snot moustache, I found these:

Tell me, wouldn’t these be awesome if they’d fit on a baby bottle or sippy cup?!