#28 – Dahm it to hell.

I don’t know what celebrity POS show I was watching, but one of the stories was about a set of identical triplets all pregnant at the same time. Not just any triplets. The Dahm Triplets of Playboy notoriety (NSFW). Or so I’ve read since I let my Playboy subscription expire years ago.

Apparently they’ve also shown up several times on The Doctors, which is due to one of them being married to the executive producer, who also happens to be the son of Dr. Phil. Keep the crazy in the family, and all that.

I love my sisters. I confide in them. One of my sisters was my Maid of Honor. But it would take a hell of a lot of liquor combined with illicit drugs to get us to strip naked and mutually admire each other’s boobs. And with them being identical, isn’t that the epitome of narcissism?

I never would have given the story another thought if it hadn’t been for the announcement that these three women are no more than eight weeks apart in their pregnancies.

Most days I feel like I’m freeing myself of the sticky web of bitterness that was spun from infertility. But literally in an instant, I am mentally right back where I was two years ago: entangled in angry bitterness.


5 thoughts on “#28 – Dahm it to hell.”

  1. Shit dear, I was infertile so many years ago, at times I wonder if it still counts. Then…I hear these tales of “lets all get pregnant at the same time–funzies-Um-kay?” and I realize that I STILL want to bitch slap someone.

    Oh…and how creepy is it that Dr. Phil’s kid is married to a girl that Dr. Phil probably saw nekkid. Ewwww. I would crap if my FIL had seen me nekkid.

  2. oh colour me puce I’m with Aitch on this one :vomit:, just one side comment kinda average looking for playboy aren’t they? not that I’d know or have ever had a subscription delivered to this house, but really meh but it makes me wonder if they’ll all have matching Vag reconstructions to go with the boobs after they deliver. just a thought I had and one I feel you need to ponder on too.

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