Add Homonym

This post is brought to you via Cross Pollination. After you are done reading it, try to guess which blogger it might be. Answer below.


Ewe mussed all weighs yews the rite words. If ewe dew knot, those hoo reed ewe mite think yew maid a Miss Steak.

Win ewe R kerr full, reeders no eggs act lee what yew mien. This is the haul Marc of good riting and good come uni Kay ding.

Win yew R kerr less, yore meaning mite bea lost and reeders well purr sieve U as lay Z or inn come pet tent.

Their, they’re. Wee dew knot want that, dew wee?

Flecks yore men tall mussle, pee pull.

(This tuck along thyme too right.)


Let me know in comments who you might have guessed. Here’s the answer. You can check out my post on her site. If you’re looking for some more like this, check out the rest of the Cross Pollinating going on across the web.



9 thoughts on “Add Homonym”

  1. Ouch. That hurt my eyes and made my headache worse! It’s like a paragraph full of those (IMHO) obnoxious LOLcatz. I had no idea who would want to torture readers that way – but I guess a different perspective is what one should expect from Lavender Luz!

  2. wow- I can’t imagine how long that took…. it took me ten minutes to READ…. and it was HARD… and then I had to read it again cuz I was pretty sure that I didn’t understand…

    and omg look- snow!!!

    ok… so yeah… gonna go see who it is because I have NO FRICKIN CLUE…

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