What’s Black and Blue and Red All Over?

That would be Aitch’s face, thank you very much.

We intentionally requested that our stairwell downstairs not be one straight shot. We had thought that if the baby (remember? We were pregnant with Vivienne when we started construction) was to fall down the steps, to have a landing in the middle would lessen the damage.

This weekend we moved the gate that was at the top of the stairs to just beyond the landing and I showed Aitch how to come down the steps going backwards and then up again. She did really, really well.

So when I heard from the kitchen the first THUMP, I knew exactly what was happening and I ran to the steps just in time to hear her begin to wail as she was sprawled out on the landing. Without really thinking about the consequences, I scooped her up into my arms and quickly made off to her room to rock her calm again.

I saw blood come out of both nostrils and her nose swell up. I called Sparring Partner at work (I was home thanks to a snow day) to tell him what happened and to see if he thought I should go to the ER. While she cried for some time, she settled quickly once I put Dad on speaker phone for her to hear. To better assess the injury, he asked me to take a picture and send it to him, but the swelling didn’t show well in the grainy cell-phone photo, the one I’m showing here.

Of course, I feel absolutely gutted that it happened. I also realize that for many parents, a fall down the stairs seems to be a right of passage, but this is the second time (once at my SIL’s), and frankly that’s a right I could do without. The image of her tiny body on the stairs will give me nightmares I’m sure.

There is still dried blood in her nostrils as we put her to bed. Also, the outside of each is starting to bruise and there’s a scratch on one side. I’m hoping by tomorrow morning, it will be better and not worse. I hope I feel better.


23 thoughts on “What’s Black and Blue and Red All Over?”

    1. Yes, I moved the gate back to the top of the steps. I had it off last night getting things from the basement. Hazel just sat on the floor at the top and watched with no desire to check them out.

  1. Poor girl, poor Mama! I can’t think of anything that makes the sight of your child bleeding easier. I still have nightmares about Sam with a bloody lip at my in-laws’ house this summer. I hope your sweet girl recovers soon!

  2. Poor Aitch and poor you! I think I feel worse for you, though, because I’m sure the memory of her on the landing will stay with you much longer than Aitch’s memory of what happened.

    Hope Aitch is feeling better.

  3. Ouch. Poor aitch. We chose a house with zero stairs because apart from anything else, the adult quotient would probably fall down em at some point, too


  4. Alex went end over end down the stairs when I lived up north, as I was putting a carpet runner on them to stop him from falling. He left gobs of his gorgeous red hair on every step his head bounced off of.
    Then about a month ago Marjorie went head first, sliding on her back down the stairs to the second floor of the garage and stopped when her head hit the wall. Only a bit to the tongue and lots of tears with that one.

    Hope Mommy and baby feel better soon. She is too darn cute even with blood coming out of her nose. And what is up with your Kate G. hairdo? 😉 I didn’t think you went THAT short when you cut it.

      1. NEXT time we meet? We have yet to actually meet. I will gladly take the palm to forehead just to be able to say I met you in real life. 😉 You know I could not resist saying that. It is the Holidays so I HAD to share. All about the sharing, yet still do not have pictures taken of the children so I can send Christmas cards, perhaps they will be Valentine cards this year at the rate I am moving. 😉

  5. Ugh. That is the worst visual in the world. Second only to watching your kid crack their head on pavement (a sound that will live in my head forever). Our steps are similar, and I watched Mini fall down the smaller portion and land face first. He fell again right after LG was born and that was even more horrific since there’s hardwoods at the bottom.

    Seriously, these damn kids are just out to kill us, aren’t they?

  6. I know it’s horrible, I know it’s awful. I can still hear K falling down the stairs the time he did it, and see my friend’s daughter falling down our stairs as well (strangely, I don’t think P ever fell down all the stairs). I didn’t mean to imply it was less than a traumatic thing for your child to fall down the stairs by saying it was a rite of passage. I just meant that while it’s awful, it’s also not your fault and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. And Aitch won’t remember it…it’s up to the moms to have those images burned in our minds. *sigh*

    I hope she heals quickly!

  7. She won’t remember it.

    Will went down the basement steps last year. I was on my way to a rare Sunday evening Mass with Maggie & Joe called to tell me to come home. To hear Joe tell it, he tumblesaulted down hitting every step, bounced off the concrete wall once or twice, hit the railing, etc etc etc. I ran back to the car, didn’t even buckle up, drove home at warp-speed (I think we went PLAID) run in the house, scoop him up, feel for broken ribs, fractured skull, all that stuff.
    I ask him if he’s o.k. & he says, “yeah, mommy, i fell downnasteps, I otay.” No bumps, bruises or contusions anywhere.
    Joe, on the other hand, I think had a mild heart attack. He says he watched it in super-slo-mo and it was one of those things where you CAN’T move.

    Take it easy on yourself, hopefully, that’s the last time she takes the express staircase.

  8. I certainly hope that someone has called child protective services by now. None of us other moms have EVER had anything like that happen. You are one of a kind. And no, those trips I took to the ER with the boys, they didn’t count.

    (yes, I AM being totally sarcastic. Since we haven’t actually spoken, I wasn’t sure if the sarcastic voice in my head was coming through 🙂

    We made our first trip to the ER for a forehead gash, after S2 tripped coming back into the house after saying goodnight to the moon (we had read the book a few minutes before). I felt like the worst mother ever. I was standing right there when he crashed and couldn’t stop it.

    He now has a teenie scar in the middle of his forehead that he loves to remind me is there because of what a horrid mother I am. Little fucker.

  9. Guess I’m just completely neurotic, because we still have a gate in front of our basement stairs – and our 3 year old is perfectly capable of traversing them. Sigh.

    Poor Aitch – I’m hopeful that it was just a little bloody nose and she gets no bruises!

    1. Unfortunately, she had some bruising on the right side of her nose this morning. I was so scared that she had actually broke it, but when she rubs or wipes her nose, she doesn”t act like it hurts.

  10. My boy is 20. I still see his bloody body sprawled out on the landing every time he attempts stairs. It’s only about twice a year now that it’s his *actual* bloody body …

    He will live with me forever.

  11. oh that poor little thing!!

    What’s most horrible though- is that she will never remember this. YOU will have nightmares.

    Biggest suck about parenting yet… also, a perk, because she can never make you feel guiltier than you make yourself feel!

  12. Timmy fell down ours a few weeks ago too (hardwood, 13 steps). I had my hands full at the top of the stairs, and he just snuck past me. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Running down the stairs after him screaming, “NO NO NO NO NO”. I’m glad she’s okay too.

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