KISS my Hooters, Loverboy!

I don’t handle crowds very well at all. Actually, I hate them. This time of year, while I truly enjoy the idea behind Christmas, the fact is that too many people in the mall push me to the verge of homicide – or at the minimum, dirty looks and scowling at the three women with their shopping carts EACH! strolling SIDE-BY-SIDE through the mall GOING THE WRONG WAY! BITCHES!!

That means that when my husband wants to go to a concert, I have to beg off. While we were still dating, I was convinced to go to see  Aerosmith and Pink Floyd out of a desire to please Sparring Partner who probably would have felt guilty asking one of his guy friend’s to go while his then girlfriend hung out at home alone (oh, if ONLY he had!).

Both concerts were amazing in their own way. In fact, the Pink Floyd concert was al fresco and you would think that being in the great outdoors, under a magnificent black, summer sky, that I wouldn’t feel so claustrophobic. Unfortunately, looking up only emphasized the fact that I was going to be stuck with stoners, beer- and/or bodily fluids-soaked ground, and port-a-potties.

Since being married, Sparring Partner has given up on asking me to go with him to concerts. He will get with a couple of his buddies and begin a road trip with my blessings. Just last week he went to see KISS, which he’s seen several times before. This time was super special. This time, he took Doodicus. So at the tender age of 8, my son not only got to see his first concert – his first ROCK concert – he got to see KISS. And while your musical tastes may not run along that vein, just imagine being my son’s age and getting to see arguably one of the best, if not the most memorable, performers of our time. I almost regret not seeing his face when the band walked onto the stage in full make-up amongst a pyrotechnic display.

I’ve tried to enjoy concerts, and while I’m sure my aversion to them has nothing to do with the fact that my first “rock” concert was when I was in high school when I went with my best friend to see The Hooters and Loverboy, it probably didn’t help.

Tell me, what was the first concert you went to and when? Did you enjoy it? What was the last one you went to? And if you want to tell me how you can’t stand crowded areas, feel free to share that, too! We’ll get together and shout at each other across the room.