KISS my Hooters, Loverboy!

I don’t handle crowds very well at all. Actually, I hate them. This time of year, while I truly enjoy the idea behind Christmas, the fact is that too many people in the mall push me to the verge of homicide – or at the minimum, dirty looks and scowling at the three women with their shopping carts EACH! strolling SIDE-BY-SIDE through the mall GOING THE WRONG WAY! BITCHES!!

That means that when my husband wants to go to a concert, I have to beg off. While we were still dating, I was convinced to go to see  Aerosmith and Pink Floyd out of a desire to please Sparring Partner who probably would have felt guilty asking one of his guy friend’s to go while his then girlfriend hung out at home alone (oh, if ONLY he had!).

Both concerts were amazing in their own way. In fact, the Pink Floyd concert was al fresco and you would think that being in the great outdoors, under a magnificent black, summer sky, that I wouldn’t feel so claustrophobic. Unfortunately, looking up only emphasized the fact that I was going to be stuck with stoners, beer- and/or bodily fluids-soaked ground, and port-a-potties.

Since being married, Sparring Partner has given up on asking me to go with him to concerts. He will get with a couple of his buddies and begin a road trip with my blessings. Just last week he went to see KISS, which he’s seen several times before. This time was super special. This time, he took Doodicus. So at the tender age of 8, my son not only got to see his first concert – his first ROCK concert – he got to see KISS. And while your musical tastes may not run along that vein, just imagine being my son’s age and getting to see arguably one of the best, if not the most memorable, performers of our time. I almost regret not seeing his face when the band walked onto the stage in full make-up amongst a pyrotechnic display.

I’ve tried to enjoy concerts, and while I’m sure my aversion to them has nothing to do with the fact that my first “rock” concert was when I was in high school when I went with my best friend to see The Hooters and Loverboy, it probably didn’t help.

Tell me, what was the first concert you went to and when? Did you enjoy it? What was the last one you went to? And if you want to tell me how you can’t stand crowded areas, feel free to share that, too! We’ll get together and shout at each other across the room.


24 thoughts on “KISS my Hooters, Loverboy!”

  1. First concert: George Michael. Had fun.
    Love concerts as a rule. I’ve seen Barenaked Ladies at least 13 times. U2 twice, Springsteen 4 times. Also many others.

  2. Can I hate crowds, yet love people watching?

    I am so old I don’t remember my first concert, but my first date with BigD was to a J.ames T.aylor concert and we have gone every year since (JT has skipped a few years here and there but when he has been here, we have gone). But now, I spring for the pavillion seats instead of the lawn (it is a great outdoor amphitheater) so we generally don’t get puked on.

    It is fun though, to see the old people (for some reason, I don’t see myself in that group;) passing around a joint, or trying to dance with their new hip replacements.

  3. 1st was INXS when I was 12 (original flavor with Michael Hutchins not the new one). It was a HUGE arena concert and I went with my sister and her boyfriend of the time. Most recent was probably July when I saw Blue October. Since I volunteer for the local theater I see a lot of concerts for free and I can sit up in the seats and I prefer that. I’m not so fond of the big crush of people. Last summer I saw STP at Bumbershoot (a local weekend long concert event) and during much of the show I could probably have picked up both my feet off the ground and just hung there I was so crushed in with people. (I also got kicked in the face and had a crowd surfer slide down my body as he fell. I decided I was too old for that crap. 🙂 )

  4. Love, love, love concerts!!
    First was U2-Joshua Tree in high school. Just amazing, and I really didn’t appreciate it because it was my first concert.
    The last was about a year ago (pg with Bryce) – Def Leppard (the first concert my husband and I went to together), Styx and REO Speedwagon. We had 5th row floor tickets and it was FANTASTIC!!

  5. 1st concert was…. The Spinners. Yes, that’s right of “RubberBand Man” fame. I can’t remember how long ago it was, but I was really, really young.

    My last concert was either Rod Stewart or BonJovi somewhere between 1985 and 1992. I haven’t been to a concert since I’ve been married.

    Yep, I hate crowds too.

    I like the snow.

  6. Oh, and I despise crowds, get seasick, and the Baha Men was on a cruise, and I really hate concert crowds. Though I will brave all crowds anytime I get to see Cherry Poppin Daddies as they still are my favorite band.

  7. Cherry Poppin Daddies was my first concert, floowed by Chris Issack being my second. Though I have seen Shaggy, Baha Men, Train, and Loverboy, plus many others.

  8. Last concert was Train at the House of Blues in Anaheim. First was New Edition at Carowinds. Next concert, the Reverend Horton Heat coming up on the 30th. I hate huge crowds that I can’t move in. As long as I can get the hell out, I am ok.

  9. Also, the snow? I’m have an eye infection at the moment and the vision in one eye is a bit blurry, so I freaked out for a good 30 seconds or so before I realized what was going on. Whew.

  10. First concert…don’t recall. When I was kid, however, we did go to a lot of fiddle contests (free) and once or twice to the Yellow Barn Music Festival (

    Boy, first concert…I’m really coming up with nothing. Went to see Tony Trischka for my ?teenth birthday (booked Women of the Calabash but their show was cancelled)…um…good grief this is ridiculous…after college I saw both Morphine as well as Johnny Clegg and Savuka (aka Jaluka) two times each. Um…a really big band, the other one from Athens, GA, that’s not with big baldy lead singer who annoys the hell out of me.

    Oh! I’ve seen Gary Numan live three times, twice in Glasgow and once in Boston, all concerts that rawked.

    Funnily enough, they were all small venues, too.

  11. First – Kansas, so many years ago I can’t even remember.

    Last – Shinedown, Buckcherry, and Theory of a Deadman (YES, all at the same venue! lucky us!) about nine months ago. We try to go to every rock concert that comes to town!

  12. My first concert was Rick Springfield, yeah you are SO jealous. 😉 My last real concert was Creed. However, at my lovely City’s Chocolate Fest I did get to see Lover Boy in the “big tent”.
    I also have a strong aversion to a crowd of more then 5 people per square acre. I used to love the bar scene and going out and if the bar wasn’t packed so tight it took you an hour to get from the front to the back the night wasn’t worth being out. Now if I have to walk by a table with people sitting at it to get to my table at a restruant (sp?) I kind of freak. I think it is my old age and the fact that I grew up in a town of 200 people and to go out down here there are 200 people crammed in a bar. Believe me you don’t want my home town all crammed into one small bar at the same time. 😉
    So when are we getting together to yell across the room? I think Marjorie and Aitch would love the yelling themselves.

  13. I both hate and thrive on crowds. I love a concert. I love the crowds. It’s after the show that I hate crowds. As much as I sit there and tsk the people in the middle of Times Square on New Years Eve and tell people you wouldn’t catch me dead there, I’d probably still go if coerced enough.

    My first concert was Pink Floyd.

  14. I have never been to a concert that was not put on by a choir/instrument group of a public school. In fact, I performed in more of them than I have attended.

    I don’t like crowds, I also don’t like loud noise. I guess the closest I have been to a concert would be a live band at bar/club. Those probably don’t count though.

  15. Thanks for putting this out there. I get made fun of for my first concert (New Kids on the Block, okay, so what I was in high school and by then they weren’t EVEN COOL?) AND my aversion of them because of the crowds.

    What did it for me was about 15 years ago. Dave Matthews concert. Where, no joke, a bunch of high school kids next to us passed around a joint for the ENTIRE CONCERT. I couldn’t see the stage, the music wasn’t even that GOOD because we were so damn far away, I almost puked from the non-stop pot stench, and it took us like 6 hours to get out of the parking lot at the END of the damn thing.

    So I am SO happy to hear I’m not the only freak!

    1. Were you by chance at a Dave show at Alpine Valley in WI? I only ask because it is definitely a hellish wait to get out of the lots there! My husband and the rest of our group have learned to tailgate a second time after the show so we’re not so anxious to get out of there.

      And my first concert was NKOTB also! I was 12 and it was at the beginning of the frenzy–Please Don’t Go Girl was the only song on the radio at the time. Tiffany opened. Wish that 95% of the show wasn’t lip-synched, but oh well!

  16. I hate crowds at the mall, especially. I am resigned to them at concerts and such, but I haven’t been to a concert since 1996, so clearly my strategy is avoidance! I absolutely refuse to enter a mall on a weekend during the Christmas season.

    My first concert was The Cure. The circumstances surrounding that one were just too weird to go into, but it was a good concert. I saw them again the next year. I saw Ministry before they went hardcore metal and still did alternative music (you remember, Every Day is Halloween?). I saw The Smiths, during which concert some creep felt up my friend, and we had to remove ourselves from the general admission section in front of the stage and go to the balcony. I saw Jimmy Buffett, because I am sometimes a parrot head. And finally, I saw REM in St. Louis in 1996. There you go…my entire concert history.

  17. I’m also not a big fan of crowds and will only put up with them for amazing or really cool nostalgic concerts now that I am older. Since I can’t afford amazing concerts (Eagles ticket prices make me choke) or don’t have a babysitter when I can (KISS, Bon Jovi), I haven’t been to one since before we got married. The last one was Jame Taylor and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to – partially due to mellow attitudes and not too crowded outdoor venue but mostly because he was amazing. My first concert is rather embarrassing: Culture Club. Shut up – I was 11 or 12.

    And the mall between Thanksgiving and New Years is off limits if you don’t want to find me running over slow moving little old ladies with my big honking double stroller.

  18. I love going to concerts as long as I have an assigned seat. I am too claustrophobic to sit/stand in a “mosh-pit” type area. My first concert was Big Country when I was in 7th grade. My friend’s mom dropped us off. I grew up in New Orleans and went to a ton (probably at least 20 national bands and even more local shows) of concerts in high school. Since we’ve been married (17 years now), we’ve been to a handful of shows. This year we have seen Third Day and The Fray (my, how my choice of bands has changed over the years) and there were a lot of fun.

  19. Hooters! Loved them. They were local boys to my neighborhood.

    My first concert was Journey. Followed closely by U2 and Lionel Richie (yes, I can admit that). I want to say it was 1985?

    Anyway, hubs and I still do concerts from time to time. I have tickets to U2 next July in Philly (I won’t say how much I paid for them because I’m a little embarassed).

    David has been to TWO concerts, neither of which I attended (my Mom & Dad took him). Here’s very much into music.

  20. My husband hates crowds, but goes to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert every year I make him… As for my first concert – Michael Bolton… can we all say woohoo… NOT 🙂 I used to work at an arena as the medical help, so I’ve seen KISS without their makeup before the show and during the concert… and a number of other concerts. I now only go to the TSO… it’s a once a year indulgence.

  21. Crowds didn’t bother me until after I got married and moved away from the city I grew up in. Now that I live in small town america, I hate hate hate crowds. We don’t have a mall locally and even going to a mall on a non-crowded Tuesday in March still makes me stabby.

    I used to work in radio and I honestly don’t know how many concerts I have been too or what my first/last one was…I do know I have not been to a single concert since I quit radio seven years ago. I love me some music – but with tons of strangers at an ear breaking decibel – No Thanks.

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