Homemade Diaper Wipes

No one would ever confuse me for a hippie or a tree hugger. I won’t sugarcoat how I think disposable diapers are god’s gift to parents like me too lazy and/or grossed out to rinse undigested corn, carrots, green beans and other unrecognizable substances from cloth ones.

However, to make up for the fact that we use disposable diapers, we make our own diaper wipes. I’m sure I’ve shared the recipe on one of my blogs before. I’ve sent it to a couple of you at different times when you’ve mentioned one of your little one’s butt was burning from diaper rash. I’m going to share the recipe for my wipes again here because I believe so strongly in how wonderful they are. If you’re a Greenie, then you should be doing this; if you hate how your baby practically turns him or herself inside out when it’s time for a diaper change because of a severe rash – then you need to try this.

Here’s the recipe with bonus pictures!

Above is the supplies you will need:

  • 1 roll of good quality paper towels. I prefer Bounty Select-a-Size.
  • Baby Oil
  • Gentle skin cleanser. My preference is Cetaphil.
  • A measuring cup, measuring spoons (or a regular spoon – it’s not rocket science), and a large knife.
  • And most importantly, a 10 cup container with lid.

With the large knife, cut the roll of paper towels in half like so (Sparring Partner warns not to use a serrated knife due to the “little bit” of lint you will get – see below since I DID use a serrated knife):

Now mix up the following in your measuring cup:

  • 1 – tspn (or spoonful) of baby oil
  • 1 – tspn (or spoonful) of cleanser
  • 1 – cup water

And I mean mix WELL since obviously the oil will want to separate. Once mixed, pour into your 10 cup container. Add one of the halves of your freshly cut paper towels to the container. Don’t bother removing the cardboard roll.

Put together another cup of oil/cleanser/water mixture using the same measurements and pour over the top of the paper towels. Snap on your lid and let sit, preferably overnight so the paper towels have time to soak up everything.

When you’re ready to use, start by pulling out the cardboard center, which will help start what now are your wipes. I usually pull out a bunch and tear apart at the perforations before I take off the diaper. That way I’m not trying to do it with one hand since I’m usually trying to prevent someone from reaching down to inspect their nether regions by pinning two little hands together with one of my own.

And that’s it! Wipes that won’t burn their privates with alcohol like store-bought wipes will. Wipes that actually give a light protective coating of moisturizer as a preventative measure for whatever comes next. Wipes that can be used safely and comfortably on the face and hands without worrying about the awful taste.

Also? Sparring Partner noticed that I was sharing the recipe for our homemade wipes and wanted you all to know that he swears by them. And if you knew how disinterested and completely oblivious he is to EVERYTHING used and needed in care of a baby, you would dump out those leftovers taking up residency in the only 10 cup container you own and mix up a batch right now.

GO! What are you waiting for?? If you don’t think these are the bee’s knees, then you can come back here and leave your comment about how much they suck. Of course I wouldn’t delete your comment. I’m not vindictive.