Speaking of doctors…

Speaking of doctors…

It’s been what seems like an endless parade to and from a medical office of one kind or another lately. After waiting literally months for Aitch’s dermatology appointment, it came and went and left me feeling a bit fuzzy in the brain – like I hadn’t ever been to a specialist before – and went away with more questions than answers.

Dr. Eyebrows, the junior of his now retired father who we originally saw last year, took one look at Aitch and exclaimed how her condition and symptoms were exactly like his own son of the same age. I felt relief. He gave us a script for a cream, advised us to try an OTC antihistamine when things got bad, and swabbed her to see if she was a carrier of nasal staph.

Did you just go reread that last part?

Yeah. That’s where I got derailed at the appointment and failed as a parent to ask WTF. A couple weeks later I got a call from the clinic to confirm that she was positive. We’ll come back to that in a sec. At the time we were to start a nasal antibiotic right away.

For several days, we squirted an ointment up both nostrils of one very pissed off toddler. It would piss me off too.

After the treatment, her skin looked beautiful! I mean enviably gorgeous! And then a week later she was sick again with something viral (aka “cold”) and the rash and redness returned with a vengeance. Then the daycare told us that there were two confirmed cases of staph (I hadn’t told them about Aitch’s appointment). And then the coughing and wheezing started. And then she threw up. And then the blizzard snowed us in and the in-laws out. And then Christmas came and went. And then this past Sunday Sparring Partner bundled her up right away in the morning because she was getting worse and took her to the urgent care: ear and respiratory infection and the beginning of more antibiotics, this time the kind that taste like ass, even when flavored with grape, which resulted in a taste of ass covered in grape jelly.

And then finally, her follow-up appointment with Dr. Eyebrows. One I was determined to get to the bottom of with this staph infection carrier business. I spent free time googling “nasal staph infection carrier” needlessly. The nurse who called to confirm Aitch was positive did not clarify that she was positive for another kind of bacteria – but NOT staph. Awesomeness.

Basically, Aitch just has very sensitive baby skin and moisture followed by sudden dryness (like snot dripping and then subsequently being wiped away with a sleeve) will cause her extreme irritation. The prickly rash she gets on the rest of her body is her skin’s reaction to infections, which really does make sense when you consider the skin is the largest organ of the body. She should outgrow it eventually. Until then, if she gets really rashy about the face, we are to slather her with A&D ointment at bedtime. And that’s it.

Actually, I just had to tell you all this so I can share something even more awesome. I asked Dr. Eyebrows just how long would I have to wait to get in to see him to get a script for Retin A (adult acne? So NOT awesome.). He said he would get me a sample. He said something to the nurse and she came back with a box of Retin A. I asked her how long would it last me so I know when to schedule. She said there was enough to last me a year. A whole year! Yes, a box of prescription Retin A!!

Considering that we have no insurance so even the doctor’s visit would be out of pocket and Retin A is a non-covered and very expensive prescription, I really, really got lucky. Sometimes a little luck is all you need to feel a little bit better about not having a job, or no insurance, or the endless snow, or the fact that for several hours yesterday there was no heat on the one side of our house and the temperature dropped to the 50s (BRRRRrrrrrrr!!!).

Now if my face would look as good as Aitch’s, even on a bad day, I’ll be in seventh heaven. Simple minds = simple pleasures, and all that.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of doctors…”

  1. I could use some of that Retin A. How about if you send me a couple samples??? 🙂

    Left a long winded comment on the other site re:children’s rashes…

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