No year in review. Because really, do you give a shit?

No resolutions. I plan on being as annoying/fat/cynical/lame as I have been. Why mess with perfection?

No wild partying tonight. Why? Because kids don’t care that you just “fell asleep” four hours ago in the clothes you had on when you left the house or that you may or may not have dried vomit in your hair.

No hangover tomorrow. I have mental hangovers every day. Why screw that up with booze?

Sorry, I’m cranky. I was out of geritol* this morning and my Depends are riding up the crack of my ass.

Happy New Year!! What are YOUR plans for the evening?

* Spell check wants geritol to be genital. Bwahahahaha!!

13 thoughts on “MMIX”

  1. You and me, Baby?? We’re one half of The Golden Girls.

    I’ll be Betty White & you can be the red-headed one….what the hell was her name?

    I made a steak dinner (to end the year on a good note) and we were all in bed by 10:30.

    Maggie wanted us to wake her up at midnight to go bang pot & pans, and I *did* wake up when I heard the fireworks & all the neighbors outside, but I just put the pillow over my head and went back to sleep.

  2. Well we went to the pantomime in the afternoon with the kids. Aladdin (not the one with Pamela Anderson playing the other side of the city). I have no idea if you have panto there – trad fairy tale (Cinderella, Aladdin, Dick Whittington, Puss in Boots etc), principal boy played by a girl, panto dame played by a man, people dressed as animals, topical jokes for parents, lots of audience participation (“He’s behind you!”) and plenty of cheesey dancing and singing- it was fabulous. Then home and falling asleep in front of the tv until the fireworks over Big Ben at midnight.

    Happy New Year to you all!

  3. I know I know I’m late as per usual. we took one blobby to the family friendly fireworks at 7.30pm after much careful planning and getting g’ma to babysit the sleeping blob, ok fine, we didn’t intend any of it. sheesh. he was teething something awful so into the stroller and off for a walk down to the beach, and ok I totally forgot it was something like a big deal night of the year until the first firework went off but hey it was lovely the sea breeze the night sky lit up like some whacked out dream sequence, but then I went home and crashed out at some dumfuc hour because i.couldn’t.sit.up.any.longer and it was hairy’s turn to sit up and rock our poor teething blobby. so yeah i think it was freaking perfection and a night i spent many hours wishing for, for so many years.

    Happy 2010 lovely hope this is a major good year for all of you.

  4. Home-made turkey vegetable soup. Husband at work, son out to sleepover, where he’ll do fireworks and things. Daughter to stay home with me. We’ll probably do popcorn at ten and go to bed soon thereafter.

    Happy New Year! (I feel so old!)

  5. I’ll be going to a party thrown by someone I don’t know–a first for New Years. But my husband and brother will be there, so I’m happy about that.

    Happy New Year to you DD, thanks for sticking with blogging, you have the gift!

  6. Hmmm. Try to keep Kevin awake until midnight to plant a big wet sloppy kiss on him. Go to bed. Probably some food at some point. Very exciting.

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