This one’s for me.

I think it’s ironic that when I’m at home, I have absolutely no time to update either my blog or facebook (want to be FB Friends? Find me by using thismamasaid (at) gmail (dot) com), but get me back to work and hooboy! Look out! I’m on FIIIIIRE! As much as I can be anyway.

I thought about reminding you that’s it’s National Delurking Week, but it seems that the only people who “delurk” are the ones who aren’t lurking. Kind of defeats the purpose, no?

You probably don’t want to hear about my holiday weekends since even I don’t want to relive them. It’s not that they were bad, per se, they just weren’t noteworthy.

Instead, let’s talk about Aitch. Nope, she’s not sick. Not any sicker anyway. She’s become my little portable three-ring circus she has, and neatly compacted into a no-longer-a-baby body.

We are constantly setting her to perform minor feats throughout the day:

What does a cow say? Boooooooo (which is also what she says when she sees a cow as she’s never actually SAID cow)

What does a horse say? Neeeiiigh

What does a sheep say? Baa-aahhhh (again, has never said “sheep” but instead baahs like one when she sees one)

What does a dog say? Arf! (sometimes she’ll pant)

What does a kitty say? M-owwww

What does a lion say? Rowwrrrrwww (why a lion? I have no idea but if she sees one or we say “lion”, she growls)

Can you dance? Show us your dancing. *hips going side to side and a few deep knee bends*

Can you jump? Show us how to jump. *shallow knee bends followed by a quick straightening of the legs and enough air to slide a credit card through if she gets a really HIGH jump*

We got her a picture book that has common items in it, including shapes, colors, seasons, zoo and farm animals, as well as household products. Also in there are pictures of children pointing to a part of their body (ears, eyes, nose, tongue, etc.) as well as actions. One picture is of a baby for the word Baby. The baby is wearing a diaper. When she sees the baby, sometimes she’ll say “baby”, but lately she’s been pointing to the diaper and saying “poopy”.

Poopy applies anytime she wants a change of diaper, not necessarily WHEN she needs one. She’ll run (like a drunken queen in high heels, she does) to her room, grab a diaper, the container of wipes, and run back. It’s quite a sight and one that has me dying of the cuteness each time, especially when she has her hair in two little pig tails that stand straight up on top of her head.

She tries desperately to put on socks and pants and shoes. The other day she managed to get her pants on…if getting both of her legs into one opening counts as getting them on.

Aside from mimicking an animal farm, she does use quite a few words. Impressive considering only a couple months ago I was sure she would never get beyond, “uh-oh”. “Daddy” was always there, but recently more “Mommy”. Never to call me but used to identify the owner of a particular item, say like my phone or shoes. “Mah” is her brother. “MemeMEmeme!” is used as an objection to having something taken away from her that she thinks should be hers. Sorry, sweetie, but the steak knife you were able to pilfer from the table is NOT yours. “Oosh” is shoes. “Gocks” is socks. “Moe-Are” (done with as much exaggeration of the mouth as possible) is more.

She’s quite tidy, too. Obviously a trait she picked up from her donor (it would stand to reason that being neat is all about nature and not nurture). Japanese beetles have been falling from the uppermost corners of the ceilings because the current frigid temperatures are making even those spots too cold to cling to. Because Aitch is quite a bit closer to the floor, she is the one most likely to notice them so she’ll call out, “yucky!” I’ll investigate and she’ll point and then I have to pick up what usually is the broken and crushed body of a beetle. Yucky is right. But she uses “yucky” to describe any bit of flotsam that may be on the floor. Once I’ve confirmed it is a Yucky, I’ll ask her to throw it away. She’ll pick it up, go into the kitchen and pull out the trash drawer, give whatever it is a pitch with a flourish only a person of 24 inches can do, and push the drawer shut with a slam.

Did I mention I die of cuteness? Repeatedly??

Doodicus if not enjoying her new sense of self as she often pushes him out of the miniature rocking chair. His Tech Deck skateboards are a forbidden fruit and she enjoys flaunting the fact she has them half way in her mouth and then tears across the house shrieking when he shouts, “NO!”. A game she enjoys too much since she often catches my attention from the other side of the room to indicate she has just secreted something she shouldn’t have into her mouth. I’ve learned that if I move towards her, she runs. And running with a Sorry game piece jauntily poking out between her lips is not a good idea. Instead I pretend not to notice or care and walk into the next room. And wait. It doesn’t take long before she comes looking for me and that’s when I snatch her and pluck the offending (to me, not her) object from her mouth.

She has also become quite enamored with the Wii controls. Watching her brother and Daddy wave them around has led her to believe there’s some fun in it. And so she does, which led to quite a donk to the head when the cord came back at her like a whip.

I no longer see her teetering on the edge of toddlerhood. She’s firmly smack-dab in the middle of it. Even when she’s in trouble – like when she slaps me in the face which is when I put her abruptly and firmly on the floor and turn my back to her – she has an innate sense of adorable. When such times happen, she will try to peak around at me by leaning over and towards me. If I happen to catch her eye, she’ll stick out her bottom lip, signaling her remorse. It gets me right here *hand over heart* every time.

While I still miss the days of her being a baby, these days of giggles and “peek” and “gocks” and screaming at the same pitch as my whistle are helping me to not miss them quite as much.

Now see? Isn’t this better than begging asking you to delurk or become my FBF?