I can see by your blouse, it’s cold in here.

How do you keep your toddler comfortably warm when they go to bed at night? Aitch not only sleeps in her pajamas, but a sleep sack as well. I can tell she gets cold because during the middle of the night when I wake up to Sparring Partner’s snoring go to the bathroom, I can see her on the monitor curled up into a little ball, feet and hands pulled in under her like a turtle, and her butt in the air. She doesn’t fall asleep like that because it’s warmer in the house at her bed-time but cools down considerably in the early morning hours. I usually go in and cover her with a blanket, but that ends up in a tangled mess (along with the sleep sack) by wake-up time.

I’m not keen on resetting the thermostat since Doodicus sleeps down the hall and he’s his own personal furnace. I also won’t entertain the idea of a space heater.

Maybe I’m just paranoid and she’s actually comfortable, but I know that even when I’m dressed in pajamas, socks, and covered with a flannel sheet, blanket and comforter, I’m STILL cold. Do you have any tricks to ensure your little one stay comfortably warm (or cool) when in their crib?