I can see by your blouse, it’s cold in here.

How do you keep your toddler comfortably warm when they go to bed at night? Aitch not only sleeps in her pajamas, but a sleep sack as well. I can tell she gets cold because during the middle of the night when I wake up to Sparring Partner’s snoring go to the bathroom, I can see her on the monitor curled up into a little ball, feet and hands pulled in under her like a turtle, and her butt in the air. She doesn’t fall asleep like that because it’s warmer in the house at her bed-time but cools down considerably in the early morning hours. I usually go in and cover her with a blanket, but that ends up in a tangled mess (along with the sleep sack) by wake-up time.

I’m not keen on resetting the thermostat since Doodicus sleeps down the hall and he’s his own personal furnace. I also won’t entertain the idea of a space heater.

Maybe I’m just paranoid and she’s actually comfortable, but I know that even when I’m dressed in pajamas, socks, and covered with a flannel sheet, blanket and comforter, I’m STILL cold. Do you have any tricks to ensure your little one stay comfortably warm (or cool) when in their crib?

18 thoughts on “I can see by your blouse, it’s cold in here.”

  1. I obsess about this with Chloe too. Her room is right across the hall from us, but I always worry that it feels cold. I do basically a cotton one piece with legs, and socks, and then fleece blanket sleeper with the convertible cuff foot (she’s too long for the blanket sleepers in her normal size).

    I read something, though, that says as long as the back of their neck feels warm, they’re fine.

  2. I used to dress ours in socks even with footed pajamas. When it was cold, they also wore a long sleeved onesie under their pajamas and then the sleep sack on top. Usually they stayed pretty warm. I also tried to cover them with a blanket after they were asleep.

    I’m always freezing so I just assume my kids are cold. It drives them nuts.

  3. Sam wears fleece footie pjs but we also use a space heater with its own thermostat to warm his room. It has a temperature dial and we set it to 68. It goes on and off throughout the night as it needs to. I was really nervous about having a space heater in his room but since we zip him into a crib tent, I know he can’t climb out to play with it. (That also means I can’t cover him with a blanket either. :/) Seems like there are a lot of helpful comments here, though. Let us know what you figure out; I’m curious for more options.

  4. Please excuse my ignorance of small child sleeping requirements, but could you put a hat on her? We lose some ridiculous amount of heat through our heads and that could help. (You know unless putting a hat on her will cause her to die then nevermind. 🙂 ) I spent many chilly Alaskan summer nights with a hoodie tied up around my head to keep the heat in. (Also, I’m a cold sleeper. The longer I sleep, the colder I get and so I have to keep multiple blankets near me because when I first go to sleep I’m always too hot.)

    1. I could probably sneak a pilot style hat on her while she’s sleeping but eventually she’d pull it off (she’s pulls/strokes her hair to soother herself) and I couldn’t tie one one because it could be a strangulation hazard.

  5. With the Mini, I was freaking paranoid as hell about blankets, so we did fleece jammies with fleece sleepsack. His room was the coldest in the house, and I think he was probably still somewhat cold, but I was of course, an asshole and refused to put a blanket on him.

    LG’s room is stifling, but I put two blankets on her. One Aden and Anais muslin (surprisingly warm) and another crocheted blanket. I know she’s plenty warm. But I make sure she has footie pajamas, more than anything.

  6. I don’t know if you would consider this a space heater or not, but there is nothing to tip over or start a fire and it uses very little electricity. We bought one for S2’s room for when he is home (his room is actually over the garage and is usually freezing). This thing has different levels of heat too. Just a thought.


    1. We did do a space heater when Doodicus was a baby but only because his room was freakin frigid! I was hoping to keep the room cool because she sleeps better. I just worry about her body.

  7. Will HAAAATes the blanket. He refuses to wear socks to bed (I don’t blame him…that’s just eewwww) I just picked up some footie-pajamas for him. Hopefully he’ll wear them.

    When he comes to “Nuggle for me” in the middle of the night, his little feet are so damn cold as he spoons into me, but by the time I get up in the morning, he’s in the middle of the bed, no blankets, pj shirt pulled up over his belly. Joe always has a fan on in the bedroom and one of the windows is open “just a crack”. Joe likes his fresh air. Me? I’m in my fuzzy jammie pants, long sleeved thermal shirt, huddled under 6 layers of blankets.

    If she’s not waking up, leave it alone. Some people (ie: WEIRDOS)actually LIKE the cold.

  8. We put Marjorie in the fleece jammies with a t-shirt underneath and then 3 or 4 blankets. We do the space heater though as her room does not have any heat to it. (100 year old house with radiator heat, apparently they could only afford so many of those darn things)
    She goes to bed around 8:00 and when I go to bed around 10:00 I go in and cover her back up if she is out from under the blankets. She is getting better about pulling them back over herself if they fall off.

  9. O isn’t in sleep sacks anymore, and we have a similar issue. We’ve been layering pajamas – long sleeved onesie with socks, then usually a light cotton footed sleeper, THEN the fleece footed sleeper.

    We also do blankets – start him off with one light fleece blanket when it’s warmer. When I go to bed I’ll add another heavier blanket, which he usually rolls out of but at least has the warmth for a bit.

    1. DUH! Why didn’t I think of this?? She’s got a bunch of light-light footies as well as some flannels that are still a little too big. Tonight she got dressed in a pair of the lightweights and then her 2 piece flannel jammies. If it gets as cold as they say it will here (-33F windchill), then I can add the sleep sack. What a simple solution!

  10. We used to do long-sleeved onesie, Babylegs, and socks, and then fleece footie pajamas over that, and then a blanket over that. The blanket would usually get tossed aside/tangled up, but at least with the multiple layers of clothing she’d be decently warm. Now that she’s in a toddler bed with a pillow and sheets she does a little better keeping a blanket on, but we still retuck her before we go to bed and then again if we get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  11. We had similar issues with KT when she was younger. I figured that as long as she was sleeping well and not waking up, crying, she was warm enough.

    What about putting another layer on her? Maybe socks and a t-shirt under her pajamas?

  12. While my girl sleeps in fleece footed pajamas, she could probably sleep naked with just a sheet – and we do not keep it warm in our house. She’s a furnace too.

    But, I always put a blanket on her – even if it ends up somewhere else.

    When it’s warm, I put on the ceiling fan, but turn it off after she’s asleep.

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