While we mull over the morality issue on my last post, maybe a little levity will help break the tension a bit. Plus I’m just as torn about what to do even with your input. When one of you say, “Do it! It’s deserved!” I’m all, damn straight! and then the next comment is, “You’re a bigger person than that,” I’m all, damn straight!

You’all are like the little angel and devil sitting on my shoulders whispering in my ears.

Speaking of devils.

This weekend, Doodicus and I were in the mud room, getting our coats on to go on an errand. He knelt over to tie his shoe and bumped into my leg with his head so his hat came off and landed with a flop on the floor.




“No. Not nothing. What did you say?”


“It’s ‘shoot’ for you.”

“That doesn’t make any sense!”

“And ‘shit’ does?”

“It makes more sense than ‘shoot’.”

Mark one up for Doodicus.

6 thoughts on “Sh*t”

  1. Seriously….shit is my favorite word. I use it under my breath several times a day and for almost any occasion it seems to fit.

    One time about two years ago, I uttered fuck within earshot of my boys. They LOST it! They were stupefied that mom not only knew that word but actually muttered it. I think I could have killed someone and not gotten as big of a reaction.

    Lovin Doodicus 🙂

  2. When I took away one of her toys recently, my 3yr old walked around the house yelling “I want my freaking toy” for a good half hour. I’m somewhat surprised she refrained from saying fucking. That’ll probably happen next week.

    Doodicus is right – shit does make more sense.

    Also, do it…people should be responsible for their words, and gossips should find their comments coming back to haunt them…

  3. Mini says dammit. We try not to laugh, but it’s just so funny. I’m just glad neither of us has slipped and said fuck in front of him yet. Although, if he does pick that up, it’ll most likely be from my father.

  4. LOL! 🙂 I miss shoot, and even shit. It’s all about the fuck at our house now … everyone just laughs at me when I correct them. Seems at 20 and nearly 18 – I don’t have much say on what’s being said.

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