Definition of Bravery

Many of you know Geohde from Mission Impossible, yes? While she’s wicked smart, which is helpful in her profession that she claims is medically related (a “Doctor” I think she calls herself), even though that intelligence has completely failed her when it comes to outsmarting her toddler twin girls and their penchant for pooping willy nilly on her floors. However, aside from the intelligence quota, she is also one of the bravest bloggers I know. Brave? How so, you ask? You didn’t check her link if you are still asking that.

That post about honest journalism I directed you to has inspired me to buck up and show you something that while a bit horrifying to view is actually a part of me I’m secretly very proud. Well, secretly until now.

(Four days post c-section) FRANKEN-ABS!! Run for yer lives!!

(stitches replaced with tape) I have zee Sexxy now, no?

(11 days post c-section) I could almost – almost! – hold a pencil with that front-butt.

Now please understand that this was a year and a half ago. I would like to believe that my pooch has improved a bit. At least I don’t have to worry about small animals using it to protect them from the elements, and the iodine eventually did wear off, and of course the sexy vertical line (linea nigra) is long-gone. What will never disappear are the c-section scars, one on top of the other.

Sparring Partner is adamantly against me ever getting a tattoo, so I’ve declared that my c-section scars are my tattoo. Don’t bother trying to liquor me up in hopes I’ll bare them to you in their current state. I need to perpetuate the fantasy that since the time these photos were taken I am now sporting washboard-flat abs. I can assure you that a dime no longer disappears into the cavernous recesses of my belly button.

How brave are you? What do you got but don’t flaunt? Share!

20 thoughts on “Definition of Bravery”

  1. I didn’t take any after shots of my c-section. I couldn’t bear to even look at it, actually. Only peeked at it at various times and it helped that the pooch basically covered it up so I could never see it “accidentally.” And I got the staples, too, btw. When I asked my OB whether I would get staples or dissolving stitches or whatever, she said it’s up to the operating OB and what they preferred. It was really creepy when they took them out and I could see the holes the staples left. That’s when I decided I didn’t really want to look at it for awhile. Oh, and also, I’m just over a year post-delivery but the pooch still makes me look about 4 months pregnant. (Random strangers have asked me if we are expecting another, as their eyes roam from TK to my belly and back to TK, obviously trying to figure out how far apart my “kids” will be.)

    I do have some pictures somewhere of my belly with their gazillion stretch marks taken a few days before TK was born. Husband made me do it but, what do you know, I “forgot” where they might be.

  2. I don’t know what your pooch looks like these days but mine is still frickin pitiful, hate it, cant wear a thing coz it hangs down like a pugdogs chin and now I’m too scared to have a tuck!

    As for bravery, you deserve a gold medal for sharing that pic with us, but bravo darling, you are a true journalist 🙂


  3. Ha. I can out pooch you any day 🙂

    Also, you said far too many nice things about me. You forgot to mention, lazy, cranky, tired and absent minded.

    With a saggy arse. And belly 🙂


  4. I once posted pics of my huge stretchmarked tummy (a few days before delivery) on my blog and it got SO MUCH TRAFFIC I freaked out and took it down!

  5. christ your slim!!! I have back fat bigger than your belly for crying out loud!!!

    I’m pregnant RIGHT now though… so “after” shots will have to wait… like ten years… when I am done school and (hopefully) have enough money to pay for every type of body re-sculpting plastic surgery procedure there is… (did you know there’s such a thing as CHIN lipo??!! squeeeee!!!)

    so um yeah… that’s my input…

  6. I would post a photo of myself for you here, but it is in my contract with Playboy that they are the only ones that get my nudie pix. Sorry.

  7. I didn’t have a C-section, but I *did* have 8+lb babies. Wanna see my episiotomy scars? No?? ok.

    Personally, I don’t have anything worthy of flaunting.

  8. You whore. You stole my post idea.

    Actually no, I was going to post my pooch on flickr, and for the record, looks mighty similar to yours. And mine is 8 months post c-section.

    Two kids wreak havoc on the body, that’s for sure. I didn’t have this dunlops disease after he was born. And I can’t really credit youth on my side, they’re only 26 months apart.

    1. First I was your, “stop stalking my baby you whore!” then I was a “commenting whore” and now I’m a “you’re stealing my blog ideas whore.” I am a whore for all ages…

  9. Definitely not brave enough to show my c-section scar (now or then). Mine is vertical though so my stomach does look like a butt. So lovely.

  10. I got an umbilical hernia! It’s lovely! And what planet do you live on where they still use staples? Jen had glue, I had internal dissolving stitches…no Frankensection for me. Let me just repeat one more time, I love the doctor who did my c-section: not only did he do a fine job (my scar is hardly visible), but he’s pretty to look at too! And he’s almost as nice as my regular OB/GYN.

    I will not be posting pictures of my hernia…just picture in your mind the top half of your belly button starting to sag. I’d draw you a picture but my paint skillz aren’t that good.

    1. With my first c-section, I had staples, too, but they were removed before I left the hospital. These I came home with…not sure if because a 2nd c-section requires staples and the first they were used just because it was 8 years ago??? Hmmm. Poor widdle bewee butt’n.

  11. me? i got fat, I’m jealous of your scar mine was closed with glue so no neat stitch marks for me .. oh and I got a flatty belly button, it used to be an innie. I will post a piccie to you after I’ve done 6months of crash diets and insane exercise routines ok. 🙂

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