Bottoms Up (and pray it doesn’t leak)

Why is it in preparation for change, we imagine the worse and yet when all is said and done, whatever the change was has come and gone much like a gentle breeze, barely enough to cause a ruffle?

That’s what happened with Aitch’s bottle habit. A couple weeks ago, we decided to cut the morning one. After two or three days, she stopped asking for it. And then without even really trying, the night-time one suddenly was gone, too. Yes, it makes me quite sad but I don’t want to dwell on it.

To expedite her final transformation into toddlerhood, we turned her carseat to forward facing. Yes, I know. The other way’s safer and all that, but the poor girl who is tall for her age, is tap dancing on my van’s leather seat backs. Not really noticeable unless she’s wearing her squeakers. Squeaking is cute at home, but I’m not what one would consider a “defensive driver” but rather an “aggressive driver” and really don’t need the added aggravation on my commute. Plus, at home, I can escape if I start to feel a bit “tenso”. At least she’s still in her crib (*fingers crossed*).


Sparring Partner and I went through a dozen styles of sippy cups for Doodicus without really finding one that didn’t leak or didn’t require an annoying valve or a horrible and expensive combination of the two.

These are the styles we’ve tried:

First Year’s Take & Toss – we used these a lot with Doodicus. Loved the ease of clean up, but they were most likely to leak (especially when someone shakes them upside down). Even more of a pain in the ass, is that if these get dropped, the lids would pop off and you can pretty much count on cleaning up apple juice residue for the next month from your floors.  Perfect for bringing along to a restaurant and serving your kids water.

Playtex’s Twist–n-Click – it has a silicone valve, which means extra cleaning and potential for lost valves. However, haven’t noticed any leaking and they’re insulated. This was the kind we sent along to the daycare.

Playtex Insulator Sport Cup – this was the only sippy cup that survived intact between when Doodicus stopped using them to when Aitch started. The problem is cleaning up is extremely difficult considering all the pieces, one of them being a straw. A straw!! And forget about finding replacement parts. We actually had two cups and two lids, but only one straw. Couldn’t get a replacement for the silicone sleeve or straws without spending what it would cost just to buy a whole new one. This one also necessitates an adjustment in drinking since Aitch is in the habit of tipping her cup in order to drink. Doing that with this cup means she draws in nothing but air.

Nuby Two Handle with Silicone Spout – I got these early in the introduction to sippy cup business because of the soft spout. While others complained of how the baby chewed up the spout, Aitch didn’t do that until just a couple months ago. My problem with them is that you have to have the spout  and lid lined up JUST. RIGHT. or they’ll leak. Or she pushes the silicone down and breaks the seal. More leaking. We use them now only when the others are dirty.

Nuby Two Handle with Soft Spout – Another version, but same issues. An additional problem with sippy cups that have handles is that they don’t fit into cup holders. DOH!

Nuby Sports Sipper – Great if you’re little shark-pup is teething. Also it leaks. A lot. My very least favorite of them all. I’d say Nuby, while great in looks, has really failed us in reliability, function and design.

Of course you have to know what’s coming now, don’cha?

Tell me, which sippy cups do you and your child(ren) love? or hate? And why?