Water Baby

Aitch loves taking her bath. Loves. Loveslovesloves it. We have to spell out the word when we talk about it because once she hears the word, the speed alone that she takes off to the bathroom creates a wind-shear that virtually strips her of her clothes.

In fact, she enjoys her time in the tub so much, once it starts draining, she takes the washcloth, smoothes it flat on the tub floor and then lies (lays?) down on it while saying, “nigh-nigh”. Yes, my daughter might actually sleep in the tub if I let her.

That being said, I thought she would enjoy swim lessons so I signed both her and Doodicus up for lessons at the Y. We had our first last night.

She saw the swimsuit I got her and asked, “dwess? dwess?” and I was all, “yes, we are going to get you dressed” and we got all bundled up and headed out.

Once the classes started, I lost all track of anything Doodicus was doing (his class was at the same time) (Sparring Partner went to see his dad, so it was just the three of us), I found myself sitting on the side of the pool with a baby barnacle dressed in a pink, polka-dotted swimsuit attached to my ribs/chest/arm. I’m fairly certain that if she could have held onto me by sheer willpower, so freaked out by the pool and the screaming and the splashing going on.

Not only that, but the first thing the instructor did was come up and splashed a little water onto her and then took her out of my arms. Granted, she was doing one of those, “water the tree so it grows big and tall and then cut it down” (environmentally sound?) type of games, but still! My baby barnacle morphed into a baby octopus and suddenly she had twice as many limbs as I remember giving birth to. Undiscovered super powers?

After 15 minutes of torture, it was 15 minutes of play. By then, she was loosening up a bit and throwing a ball and then we’d “swim” after it. However, if the ball landed tooooo close to the instructor, the ball became as unappealing as a bloated squirrel that had fallen into a horse tank and couldn’t get out again and drown. Trust me. Not pretty. And a pitchfork can do waaay more harm than help if you’re not careful.

But once I’d fish the ball away and hand it back to Aitch, she was happy. Finally class was over and while I was toweling her off, I heard a lot of hollering from another instructor with a group of older kids. Then Doodicus was walking up to me, and I asked him what he was doing since his class wasn’t scheduled to be over for another 15 minutes. “Some kid threw up in the pool.”

Seriously?! What the hell is the Y doing to these kids that they are always puking in the pool?

Class number two is Thursday. If they’ve got the pool cleaned up by then.

10 thoughts on “Water Baby”

  1. One of my two has been known to wrestle out of my grip and step off forward and swim gaily straiht down. No Fear is not good. 🙂


  2. My nephew loved the bath but hated the pool. I took him to “mommy & me” class for 3 sessions one summer and he would spend the entire session clinging to me as if his life depended on it and screaming like a howler monkey. His lips would eventually turn blue because he wouldn’t move and would get chilled in the water and we’d give up and let him out. In retrospect that’s a riot. At the time, godawful. He swims just fine now though. (He’s 23)

  3. She might be more of a spa girl than a pool girl. Better start saving up now for all the hair appointments, pedicures, facials. Or it could be something fun for mom and daughter.

    ps. Do you have horses?

    1. No, we don’t, but my brother and his wife have a few. I grew up on a horse – literally – so I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t got either of my kids’ butts in a saddle. We might have to make that a priority this summer.

  4. Maggie loovvved a bath. Maggie HAAATED swim class.
    She went for 3 friggin years and the kid still swims like a rock. She must get that from me. I can swim, I just don’t like to.
    Joe’s whole family are swimmers. His oldest brother still holds a record somewhere in Florida.

    Her 1st year, was the Mommy & Me class, we sang wheels on the bus & splashed around in the pool. Year 2 was more independent, but I was still in the water, she used the noodle thing for “laps”. Year 3 was supposed to be alone, but that didn’t happen. I was incredibly pregnant with Will for her last lesson & she was stuck to me like….well, like a kid who is afraid to jump off the block to the teacher.

    Keep going & she’ll get used to the “bigness” of the pool. That’s what bothered Maggie. There was soooo much water that she was overwhelmed by it all. Same thing with the ocean. She likes to go in up to her knees, but that’s it. And she STILL doesn’t like to get her face wet.

  5. Gross about the throw up. My oldest has been taking swim lessons for three years now and luckily we’ve never experienced anything like that.

    Sorry Aitch didn’t enjoy her lesson. I am sure it will grow on her.

  6. Thanks for reminding me that I have to check out the swim class schedule. I took my girl when she was a year and a half and she would not let go of me. She was OK for the second class. She hated the teacher in her 3rd session. She liked the teacher in the 4th. The 5th had the same teacher as her 3rd, and this time the teacher freaked her out during one portion of the lesson. This led to a complete meltdown in the last class of the 6th session, where she had yet another teacher that she liked. We took some time off, but might sign up again.

    We have had no vomiting at our Y. Yet.

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