Bath or Daycare

Here’s a couple of dilemmas we are going through now. If you have some insight on one or the other (or both!), please, Obi-won, you’re my only hope!

Dilemma #1

A couple times in the past weeks, in order to simplify my life, I’ve put both Doodicus and Aitch in the bathtub together. Doodicus is now 8 and Aitch is 1 1/2. Doodicus has no problem with this plan and actually asks if they can more often. Aitch also enjoys the one-on-one play and having someone to splash that won’t complain (much).

However, when Doodicus asks Sparring Partner if he can take a bath when Aitch does, Sparring Partner tells him no. Sparring Partner tells me when I ask him what the big deal is that he just doesn’t like it.

Is the age difference too great and therefore they shouldn’t be bathing together? Am I gearing them up for future counseling or is Sparring Partner being uptight?

___________ OR ____________

Dilemma #2

We are finally moving Aitch to a new daycare, HH. It’s the same daycare that Doodicus goes to (she had to be 18 mos to attend). I suggested that Sparring Partner pick her up when he picks up Doodicus from school and then take them both to HH so that she only has to be there about two hours before we come get them after work, thus easing her slowly into new surroundings and staff.

Sparring Partner thinks we should quit the old daycare, KK, cold turkey and just start bringing her to HH right away in the morning.

Which way do you think would be easier? Keeping her at KK is not an option. I’m  certain that I’m the one who’s going to take it the hardest because I know she won’t be happy either way.