Would you believe I cried over each comment? Yeah, because I’m a goddamn sap who felt your hug with each word read.

Thank you:







Peeved Michelle



Not On Fire

Emotional roller-coasters suck.


8 thoughts on “Trough”

  1. You know, I am too. Mediocre. But when I see my son after a long day and he hugs me so tight and doesn’t want to let go, I don’t really care if I don’t “shine”.

    Though I don’t define myself as “his mother”, it’s one of the things that make me feel content with who I am. Just like being my parents daugther, my brother’s sister, my best friend’s best friend. I’m loved. I feel like even if it’s not something obvious, there is something in me that these people feel is worthy of their love.

    My dad always told me, in this world, there is always someone more then you and someone less then you. Whether it’s looks, talent, money, popularity. It’s just the way of the world.

  2. I am totally late, but as you can see, am commenting at 3 am to catch up! Someday, I’ll be able to read blogs on my blackberry…..

    You are not a trough, or mediocre, or anything else. You wonderful, and I love you. Now go feel better. K?

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, you big, gooey, sap-filled truffle you.

    This is what we’re here for. To cheer each others accomplishments, to cry with each of lifes disappointments, to help shoulder the burdern of the everyday every day.

    I wish I could find a heart shaped box big enough.

  4. I am late to read and comment, and I can honestly blame my hightly antisocial work life. I also missed my best mate’s mum dying.

    But I think you’re awesome.


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