Face It

Sparring Partner and I have less than a handful of “shared friends” on Facebook, and of those they are my family. His network includes classmates, social friends, old neighbors, and his family. He’s even friends with Doodicus’s old caregiver. You remember? The one who fired us just a couple weeks before school started so we had to look for last minute daycare from which he would come home crying every day because he didn’t have any friends and was gutted as he thought it was all his fault? Yeah, I remember. Funny, my husband does not even though I have it documented.

Occasionally, Sparring Partner pops in and comments on one of my status updates. It’s usually late at night, after I’m already in bed so I don’t see it until the next day. He’ll call me at work and ask if I’ve seen it and if I was upset by whatever he’s added.

For example:

I thought it was funny and told him it was fine. He said he toned it down a little as he was originally going to say “ass raped”. Wasn’t that nice of him to tone it down just so I could raunch it up for you? I explained that my FB friends have read way more offensive things via my blog then he could probably come up with on Facebook.

While we were talking about it last night, his FB account was up and I saw an update from one of his friends, who happen to be the youngest son of one of our old neighbors. The kid’s status was how he recently became a fan of one of those “YOUR [sic] in OUR country now. You speak OUR language,” and here *I* was the one who became offended. I told Sparring Partner he should comment and say something to the affect, “Funny, but that doesn’t LOOK like Cree or Cherokee (which are the only Native American languages with their own writing systems – FYI).”

With only a little insistence on his end, I let it go. I too have FB friends that occasionally post something that goes against my opinions or beliefs, e.g. Obama is going to force the schools to teach our kids about Muslim law!, to which I guess is fair since I’d be the first to post that Sarah Palin is a c*nt, which hello! I would obviously not be the first.

If you have a Facebook account and we aren’t in each other’s network of friends, I’d be happy to hook up (email: thismamasaid [at] gmail [dot] com. And if I offended you, but you’re still friends with me? Thank you for your infinite patience and the realization that my ignorance is all part of my infinite charm. Four years of blogging has proven that.

3 thoughts on “Face It”

  1. Sparring Partners comment was hilarious. He should have left the ass in it. I went into my hubbies account on FB once and wrote “I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world.” All his mates went ohhhh, how sweet. Heh.

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