Come Back!

Imagine that’s my plaintive wail as I stand at the end of a dusty lane as you, my lover, confused and spurned by my inability to commit to anything other than my field of corn and dreams of someday running circus made up entirely of hamster performers, leaves me to wallow in my self-pity. Or something like that because I’m not very good with the verbal visual stuff, like similes and shit.

Sorry if my recent posts have put you off. Some days I just have to unload and ask that you just read it, process it, and then we can all move on, OK?

Because trust me, if it continues to be this quiet here, I’m going to start whining again.

Also, I’m going to be testing out some stuff (no, not review-type-testing), but trying to find some bloggers that are closer vicinity-wise and see what I can dig up so there may be some minor changes here and there. So minor, you may not even notice, but just FYI.

So, yeah, where’s the love?!

Bitch and Moanday

How odd is this? Our local telephone directory will list your address and phone number free of charge if you have a land-line. However, if your only phone is a cell-phone – like it is in our case – you have to pay $24.00 a year to have it listed.


Well, I called F.D.C. Publishing (because their website? Holy cow, does it suck.) to ask that very question.

You see, it’s because if I have a land-line, that information, including my address, is available via a list/report. Most likely, one that F.D.C. Publishing must purchase annually. THAT is the information that gets published for FREE in the phone directory (unless one specifies otherwise??).

Strangely though, even if I call them with the same information – a phone number and address – I must pay a fee for that privilege.

Of course I know that the advantage to not being listed is no cold-calls, but the disadvantage is that with a community as small as we are, anyone who wants to get a hold of either Sparring Partner or myself will actually call his parents to get a phone number and/or address from us. Isn’t that nice? So I guess my in-laws getting their number listed for free does have at least THAT caveat.

On a related note, I submitted all three of our cell phone numbers to the Do Not Call list because some whore of a credit card company sold them to telemarketers. I want my number listed / not-listed! I’m an enigma.

Anything you want to get off your chest this fine Monday?