Bitch and Moanday

How odd is this? Our local telephone directory will list your address and phone number free of charge if you have a land-line. However, if your only phone is a cell-phone – like it is in our case – you have to pay $24.00 a year to have it listed.


Well, I called F.D.C. Publishing (because their website? Holy cow, does it suck.) to ask that very question.

You see, it’s because if I have a land-line, that information, including my address, is available via a list/report. Most likely, one that F.D.C. Publishing must purchase annually. THAT is the information that gets published for FREE in the phone directory (unless one specifies otherwise??).

Strangely though, even if I call them with the same information – a phone number and address – I must pay a fee for that privilege.

Of course I know that the advantage to not being listed is no cold-calls, but the disadvantage is that with a community as small as we are, anyone who wants to get a hold of either Sparring Partner or myself will actually call his parents to get a phone number and/or address from us. Isn’t that nice? So I guess my in-laws getting their number listed for free does have at least THAT caveat.

On a related note, I submitted all three of our cell phone numbers to the Do Not Call list because some whore of a credit card company sold them to telemarketers. I want my number listed / not-listed! I’m an enigma.

Anything you want to get off your chest this fine Monday?

8 thoughts on “Bitch and Moanday”

  1. I am home sick and three people called to check on me, thus preventing me from getting any sleep. Yes, I am an ungrateful moaner.

  2. We have to pay to NOT be listed. Since hubby deals with dirtballs we would rather they not find us in the local phone book. It costs us about $25 a year to not be found.

  3. I’m ex-directory but we live in a small university town so I’d rather my students not call me at home (OK, I’m sure they have better things to do, but still). But I am happy to show up on caller ID; my mother on the other hand is paranoid and is both ex-directory and blocks her caller ID.

    Since she’s the only one that does it, we can still screen her calls, though.

  4. Free chance to bitch? Yes, please! I am DONE with all the auto repairs my husband and I have had to deal with the past 3 months. It’s spread between two vehicles and is slowly driving (ha,ha)me insane. It started right after Christmas and we still have a rattle that needs diagnosing but we’re too burned out on car repairs to pursue. Not to mention the blow the old monthly budget takes when these things creep up too often.

  5. I love that I don’t have to do much to keep my phone number out of the public. Of course, my name is also common enough that it would be hard to track me down. That’s a good thing, as my name also occasionally becomes a part of public record!

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