Come Back!

Imagine that’s my plaintive wail as I stand at the end of a dusty lane as you, my lover, confused and spurned by my inability to commit to anything other than my field of corn and dreams of someday running circus made up entirely of hamster performers, leaves me to wallow in my self-pity. Or something like that because I’m not very good with the verbal visual stuff, like similes and shit.

Sorry if my recent posts have put you off. Some days I just have to unload and ask that you just read it, process it, and then we can all move on, OK?

Because trust me, if it continues to be this quiet here, I’m going to start whining again.

Also, I’m going to be testing out some stuff (no, not review-type-testing), but trying to find some bloggers that are closer vicinity-wise and see what I can dig up so there may be some minor changes here and there. So minor, you may not even notice, but just FYI.

So, yeah, where’s the love?!

16 thoughts on “Come Back!”

  1. me too.. reading and thinking of you but commenting time is pretty much MIA these days. Along for time for just about everything else. I only have time to do this because my work computer is busy saving a file so I can’t do that.

  2. The love is right here, said Kath, holding her finger out just like E.T. — or maybe not just like E.T., since E.T. is even further away than Kath is. See? I’m even worse than you with the similes and shit.

  3. I’m here and reading, too! Your last few posts haven’t put me off. Actually, I have been thinking about your posts a lot and thinking of you. I can understand why you are going through a tough time right now and I believe that with time things will get better for you, but I didn’t want to write that because I know when I have gone through times like that, it didn’t really help to hear that even though I appreciated the sentiment. So, I stayed silent while waiting to see if I had something better to say, which as you can see, I don’t.

  4. I for some reason just realized yesterday that I hadn’t subscribed to this blog. When nothing was showing up in my reader, I just assumed you weren’t posting and I see you on FB all the time. I did a big cull of my email yesterday and found your email announcement and followed the link and realized there were loads of posts. I’m fairly caught up but I need the password pretty please. I’ll try and be a better commenter with emphasis on the try but I will promise I will never stop reading. I’m still waiting for your trip to California.

  5. Whoops! I meant to comment about how I would friend you on FB, but that would violate my husband’s anonymity requirements (he hates that I have pictures of our family on there). There. Now I’ve done it here!

  6. I am NOT commenting to forestall the whining. 😉 I’m commenting because I know how much it sucks to post something and then get *crickets* in response. So… been reading, I’m here. I’m just quiet. And busy. Sigh.

  7. I read through a reader… and if I’m at work, then I can’t come comment… and if I’m at home well… Squeaker hates for me to be on the computer unless he’s watching youtube videos…

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