Last, This and Next

This past weekend, Sparring Partner came up with a raging case of the Man Flu complete with migraines and what my dear sweet mother refers to as The Trots. Not sure why it’s The Trots. Maybe because it’s slower than The Runs? Yeah, no clue. My mother also is the one who says “WalMarts” and “cousints” and told us kids to “Go jump off a bridge!” or “Go lay an egg!” when we were driving her insane. Which is a bit of a mind-fuck since we did indeed have a bridge on the lane and of course, we had chickens.

I just figured this Man Flu was just Sparring Partner’s way of getting out of doing anything about the house because he always seems to have some degree of it on the weekends. Therefore his moaning and groaning about what little sunlight there was piercing his delicate brain through the windows, and his infinite trips to the bathroom, were really just par for the course.

Even when Aitch threw out a couple of diapers that emitted the kind of fumes that would strip car paint, did I really believe anything was up.

Well, lo and behold, Monday night my own plumbing started working overtime.

And really? That’s all I need to say about that.

Sparring Partner and I have this running (no pun intended) argument about what is considered “this” or “last” or “next” when it comes to days in the week.

For example, when I talk about THIS weekend (with today being the 24th), I’m referring to the 27-28th. That would make NEXT weekend March 6-7th and LAST weekend the 20-21st.

On the other hand, Sparring Partner, refers to THIS weekend as the one that’s past and NEXT weekend is the one just coming up (27-28th). LAST weekend then ends up being the 13-14th.

Well? Which weekend do you consider as LAST, THIS or NEXT?