Loose Ends

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been wondering how to get my other one neatly sewn up and literally bound. I’ve always intended in getting it sent to Blurb for just such a purpose, but with having several (55) posts still in draft form, an unknown number protected, I knew that not all 1,247 posts would transfer into a text file.

I don’t want to delete the drafts because many of them are on topics that I just think are either too opinionated for general publishing, but when I look through them I still get the punched-in-the-gut feeling I had when I typed the first words.

I also don’t want to publish all my protected posts since I’m still paranoid about ex-coworker (who appears to have stopped dropping in, but yeah – paranoia), and there’s the posts about the crazy relatives, and more importantly, some of my protected posts are about our donor cycle.

Last night I think I finally came up with a solution on how to salvage every 1, 247 posts (not to mention thousands of comments) so that I can finally get them into physical form. Actually I came up with two solutions, but while I’m leaning towards one, I thought I’d throw them out there for you to consider since I may be overlooking something really important; something that may make the whole idea moot.

My first possible solution was to just change the URL so instead of it being “ddtko”, I could change it to “yoyosoldshit” or something similar. That way if ex-coworker decides to pull up my blog, she’ll get an error since the URL will be gone. I can then unprotect and publish everything.

My second idea was to create a new blog (don’t scream in frustration yet) and “transfer” everything from ddtko over and then just rework the new blog by either unprotecting or publishing from there. Plus, I can make that one relatively private so it doesn’t show up in searches.

There both pretty similar in ideas. The benefit to the second is that I can leave the original so that any past links and search results still are valid.

Am I missing something? Are either of these doable? Are there any shortcomings I hadn’t thought of?


ETA: Let’s see if I can clarify: my current URL is https://knockuout.wordpress.com. I can change the URL to anything else for a name (as long as it’s not taken) but that means that anyone who ever clicked on or linked to knockuout.wordpress.com would end up getting nothing if I changed the name.  I’m thinking about creating a duplicate blog to my OLD blog but changing the name so that I can publish everything without losing the original content of my OLD blog.

Ugh. That didn’t help a frickin bit, did it?

10 thoughts on “Loose Ends”

  1. Personally I found blurb and utter pain in the arse. But that may have been because I was importing a photo heavy site and it imports text and layout and photos as sep items.


  2. The second idea. That way your old blog is still there in it’s original condition. And can you just take down the new blog that you’ve transferred everything to once it is published? That way any of your protected stuff would just be up, unprotected, for a limited amount of time.

  3. As long as I have the password or secret handshake or golden ticket that leads me to the info, I’m good. (I’d have no clue as to which option makes the most technological sense. We ain’t got them big words in my schoolin’ place.)

    1. I won’t be moving again. I’m just trying to figure out an easy and effective way of getting my old blog prepped for paper.

      If I find myself thinking “I better move my blog,” I’ll cut off my fingers. I’m not doing it again.

  4. Key words = OLD BLOG. ’nuff said. 😉 I got it but then I have been following from jump to jump for years so you don’t surprise me. 😉

  5. I like the second option better. That way you can set up the posts as one package. No passwords to worry about and you can have your bound edition just the way you want it.

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