The Siblingmoon is Still Full

Pardon my rant from yesterday. It’s been a while since I went off and called someone a cuntface. Can I blame PMS? How about this damn weather? God bless anyone who lives above the South Dakota border year-round. Let’s talk of happier topics.

I posted a couple weeks ago about our daycare. We did introduce Aitch slowly to the new staff by picking her up when we pickedĀ up Doodicus from school and dropping them both off at the same time. The first day, Aitch sat in Doodicus’s lap the entire two hours they were there (except when, according to Doodicus, he couldn’t hold it any longer and HAD to go pee). And that was the way we found them that first day: Doodicus on a chair watching a movie with the other kids and Aitch on his lap generating so much heat, you’d swear they’d been fused together.

One of the staff there kindly pointed out that our (I’ll take the blame here – MY) decision to do the change gradually was probably harder on Aitch because when one of us picked her up, in her head she believed she was going home. So when she found herself among strangers, she was not only scared but confused.

We are starting her third full week now at the new daycare. She knows which cubby is hers and as soon as her coat is off, SHE is off, looking for the staff for a cuddle, juice, snack or toy, it doesn’t matter. She’s happy. And I’m happy.

Right now Doodicus doesn’t see much of her even though they are at the same place. As soon as he’s dropped off, they take the school-aged kids over to the nearby school gym to play (in cold weather) or to the large fenced in play ground. This summer they will spend much more time together there, which will thrill her to no end. That girl loves her brother.

This weekend, at Mass, the church was standing room only. I was able to take Aitch and squeeze a cheek on the end of a pew. That left Sparring Partner and a very unhappy Doodicus standing in the back. When Aitch saw Doodicus go up with an offering (children are invited up to give their money to Father), she screamed his name in excitement and reached for him as he went by.

I wonder how long this siblingmoon phase will last.

We’re so very lucky that there even is one.