Organic, My Ass

I’m going to admit something openly here that normally I wouldn’t share unless it was about midnight and there were at least two empty pitchers of mojitos in front of us and the remains of half-eaten limes scattered about. Make sure to exhale so the collective gasp will be all that much more fulfilling.

I’m sick of hearing about “organic” products.

Suddenly, it’s a big freakin deal to eat organic eggs and organic meat and to wear organic clothes. By the most current definition, organic simply means crop or livestock that’s been raised without synthetic fertilizers or hormones.

Newsflash: that refers to almost every small, family-run farm out there, including my parents’. The problem is that very few of these farms exist independently anymore. You know why? Because back then, our dairy farm of 40 cows giving us four to six gallons of milk a day produced literally a drop in the bucket. Steers going to market at 1,000 lbs were puny and equated to puny pennies a pound.

Little income meant no money for the fancy fertilizers and hormone injections. It was enough to inoculate and dip and to purchase seed (which may have been “coated” for a bit of an herbicidal affect) for the crops, which were NOT fertilized or irrigated (irrigated?? Irrigated…by God, by god) and weren’t sold through the grain markets, but used as SUPPLEMENTAL feed to grass-raised cattle. You know? The puny cattle.

See, I get my panties in a twist over this because if my parents were still young and strong enough to be doing today what they were doing 20, 30, 40 years ago, they’d be making a killing with all the organic milk, chickens, beef, pork, and lamb we took care of every damn day.

So yeah, now I have a certain level of derision for that “organic” farmer, who more than likely a large corporation who ran the original organic farms under with their hormone-drunk cattle and weed-free bean and corn fields. The same producers who sell their organic products for twice as much while paying organic farmers from 20 years ago HALF.

So yeah. REAL sick of hearing about organic products like it’s some new and fabulous idea. I grew up organically and maybe that’s not a resounding testimonial for an organic diet, but I’m not going to jump on a bandwagon that I was on for 30 years before getting off. Too many slivers from the buckboard and fleas in the straw.

Beautiful Bloggers

Heather over at BigP and Me was under the impression that I should be able to come up with seven interesting things to tell you about me, per this meme/award. Oh, Heather…thank goodness someone thinks I could even have one interesting thing to tell you about me.

I. I have a maxillary midline diastema. What’s that? I’ll save you the googling (and from the images that will pop up because they are freaky…). A maxillary midline diastema is a gap between the two front teeth. When I was a kid, I would stand in front of the mirror and push chewing gum into the gap and squint, just to see how I would look if my teeth were “normal”. I hated that gap. I had it filled in about 20 years ago so you would never know by any of my pictures.

II. A few weeks ago, I was proofing the news article about our family history for the hometown’s Quasquicentennial (125 years). My grandfather had six step-brothers/sisters. One of his step-brothers married his step-sister. No blood relations, I was assured, but still…ooky. And that really doesn’t count as an interesting about ME, but let’s not quibble.

III. I hate reality shows. My overall feelings of dislike were not helped by that time we asked SIL to watch Doodicus for a couple hours while we went to a meeting regarding our building permit and she said she couldn’t. Because it was Survivor night! A reality show trumped the welfare of my son’s. SO not cool.

IV. I’ve been arrested. Shoplifting. I believe it was jello and a sandwich from a grocery store. Ironically, while the officer searched my purse, he missed the hidden zipper pocket that held a couple of roaches. Hey, I was 20. There’s a LOT about me you don’t know.

(Good god. 3 more to go.)

Um, let’s see…

V. I use to be REALLY good and writing in reverse. I use to write stories backwards on my notepaper, in cursive. I tried it after I had read that Michelangelo did something similar.

VI. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was around 12, I fell down the basement stairs. When my mom found me, I was on the couch, shivering and unconscious. No one knows what really happened since I ended up with not only a concussion but amnesia, but we deduced that when I fell, I knocked over a bucket of water at the bottom of the steps. At some point, I must have crawled back up the steps and passed out. I spent three days in the hospital and developed my loathing of jello (so why I ever chose that to shoplift is BEYOND me!).

VII. I was part of the Invisible Clique in high school. I didn’t fit in with the Popular Girls, The Geeks, The Sluts, etc. I was simply invisible.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Seven Interesting Things about me! HAHAHAHahahaha!


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