Getting Kojaked

My son was giving me grief about the shirt he wanted to wear compared to the one I asked him to put on. The reason the one I chose for him, a polo, was not an acceptable option to his, a t-shirt? He didn’t want something heavy.

How is the polo heavier than the T?

The three buttons at the collar makes it “heavier”.

I swear. That kid is going to make me bald, which will conveniently eliminate my need to cover all the gray he’s given me in the past few years.

3 thoughts on “Getting Kojaked”

  1. Give it another 5 years. Aitch is gonna make your eyes roll back into your head, I swear.
    Mag has to wear a uniform to school. One of her jumpers “feels” different from the others. Everytime that one comes around in the wash, she balks. Now, she wears either a cotton blouse or a turtleneck under the jumpers. How the feel of it bothers her, I’ll never know. You should hear some of the discussions we have about her outfits for either play clothes or :::GASP::: the Church outfits!!!!
    She thinks a black Danskin & zebra-striped hot pink ballerina flats are perfectly dressy enough to wear to church.

  2. The hem is probably heavier too…..right? I mean, you can’t have it pulling down on the poor boys shoulders all day.

    Please tell me at least at his age, his pants still remain up over the crack of his ass.

    The ONLY time I saw that my sons had some sense is when they were job hunting and actually wore khaki’s, a collared shirt and a BELT. I swear I heard the angels sing.

  3. Let’s not forget the extra material at the collar…should I give him a call and give him some tips? He could just drive you into an early grave!

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