Maybe it was “I’ll give you a mess of money for some medicine.”

The link that Cat sent me for ASLPro is great in that it lets you see how each word looks in ASL. I checked each of the suggestions that were made (medicine, money, messy), but unfortunately none of them were it.

I also found this ASL site that was nice in that it gave a more comprehensive list of words for baby ASL. So if you want to pick up a few key words, scroll the list (don’t search. you only get to search for 5 words per day unless you’re a member, and personally I have way too many web accounts), and you might find a few that you can easily remember and try out.

I asked Doodicus to demonstrate what she was doing so I could take a picture. Here’s what it looked like.

I’m grateful for everyone’s input with so little information. If it turns out to be ASL for, “Bitch! I’m not tired and I am SO going to scream my head off until I get my way!”, well then I’ll give her kudos for at least being able to express herself.

One thought on “Maybe it was “I’ll give you a mess of money for some medicine.””

  1. Looks like “cookie” to me. Sam does that one nonstop all day long. It’s supposed to be one hand with fingers down, using a cookie cutter on the flat palm of another hand. Sam does it sideways the way Doodicus is doing it in that snapshot.

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