Mickey Mouse of a Post

I’m always up for a good (relatively speaking) rant here on my blog, but between my dashed vacation dreams, my FIL’s surgery, my MIL’s extended physical rehab, my mother’s trip overseas, and the training of my replacement at “work” well, dammit, I just refuse to write that many depressing and more-than-likely password protected posts several days in a row.

I think I’m suffering from a chronic vitamin D deficiency. Seriously, if the sun doesn’t start shining and real fucking soon, I’m going to suggest the Army send up a big ole’ H-bomb set to detonate about 20 miles above the Asshole of America so I can at least see my shadow in the brief seconds before I’m obliterated into ashes.

Would you believe that I have a rather inappropriate sense of humor? Of course you would if you’ve been reading me for any significant length of time.

Sparring Partner’s shop has been overrun by mice. He refuses to get farm cats – which will significantly help him with the problem – because he’d have to feed them (WTF?? Dude! They’ll eat the fucking mice!). That leaves him trying to poison and trap a hundred million mice. Give or take a mill’. It’s had little impact. However, with the little victories he does claim, he feels the need to share with me like some primitive hunter who speaks Gruntian and walks like Quasimodo.

So what then do I do? I share it with you, ya’ lucky beetches.

I’ve inserted a jump (or I think I did) because the pictures are rather graphic. And if you hate mice, you’ll hate these pictures even more.

Promise you won’t scream?


Obviously, this one's been dead a while.

Yes, my lover-ly husband sends me this kind of crap via the phone.

Why am I sharing it with you? God, I don’t know. Does it matter? Doesn’t your husband send you love-notes like this or is this shit crazier than I thought?

15 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse of a Post”

    1. The most recent was a cellphone photo of what he pulled out of the bathroom sink drain when it wasn’t draining properly. Let’s put it this way: his beard was the culprit.

  1. I have 3 cats and STILL need to use the poison to get the one or two brave little mice that try to settle in every Fall. Last Spring I was moving some boxes of “treasure” around in the attic and uncovered the dried remains of a mouse. That mouse husk kept getting forgotten every trip into the attic, until October. Finally Steve picked it up on his first visit to the attic since the Fall before. 😉 So hopefully S.P. is picking up his kills and not just taking pictures. 😉 Get a cat and hope you get one that actually will kill a mouse and not jump up on the couch next to you when you are freaking out that there is a mouse in the house. 😉 Just saying that SOME people do that, but no, not me, never. 😉

  2. The skeletanized one is particularly cute.

    Does SP know that he will be catching the great grandchildren of these mice F.O.R.E.V.E.R?? Get a damn cat, leave out food in a bowl and go back to work SP!

  3. I grew up in the farmlands of Jersey (yes, there were farms here in the 70-80’s. A dead mouse in a mousetrap (or under the kitchen sink) was as common as finding dust in the house. So, this post is more like memory-lane for me. lol.

  4. You? Inappropriate sense of humor? Nevah! Good thing it’s my very favorite kind. (And, I suspect, your husband’s, too — I imagine maniacal cackling accompanies his rat dispatches…)

    I hope so very much that things start looking up for you soon — it’s a disturbing sign when H-bombs start looking like an attractive option, no?

    1. Yes, neuter/spay, whatever it takes. Plenty of people out there who are giving away kittens. I have a friend who lives on a farm who told me she’d be willing to drop off a litter of kitties anytime.

  5. My husband saves the carcasses of particularly large bugs to show me. I hate bugs.

    However, we did spend an evening chasing a mouse around the living room of our rental house once. I think he finally killed it with some kind of stick.

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