As most of you know if you have access to my private posts, I am training my replacement at my temporary position. If you have kept up with my Facebook updates, you will also know it has been…interesting, for lack of a better word without actually saying, “Sucking hot, sweaty, fly-covered donkey balls.”

You think I’m exaggerating? The following exchange is just too good to keep under a password. Get this:

Today I was showing her how to order supplies via the internet. I instructed her click the “Add to Cart” button.

As she clicked, Trainee asked me, “What’s a ‘cart’?”


10 thoughts on “Trainee”


    Reminds me of the time I was a waitress, training a new girl. She was 17 years old, I told her to make a cup of tea. She brought the tea bag over to me, asking how does she open it?

  2. Start laughing now at how exasperated your employer will be once you leave. How could they NOT offer you your job back? It’s too frustrating and time consuming trying to teach old dogs new tricks. It doesn’t work, and your employer will discover that to their detriment. You could pretend to consider their request and then graciously accept.

  3. People like that are the reason I don’t believe in evolution… if it was 100 or so years ago- that woman would have either starved to death or been eaten by wild animals… *sigh* the good ol’ days when being moronically stupid got you eaten.

  4. Awesome! Don’t say anything like LOL or her head will explode!

    As an aside, since I’m dealing with idiot colleagues today too, how much *head-desk* do you think it takes to cause enough brain damage that I absolutely no longer care what kind of asinine inanities they make me perform?

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