Up to Speed

I understand now how some bloggers find themselves overwhelmed with how to update their blog when enough time has passed that there’s just so many things that they wish to cover, but know that there’s no way to do it in one post so why bother updating at all. Right?

It’s been one of those weeks (since my last “real” post). I haven’t even had time to download a bunch of pictures from my camera to my computer and to use one as post filler.

Aitch has become quite the parrot recently. Either she’s mimicking words or she’s using some commands very well in context:

  • “Down” and then she pats the floor, indicating where you are supposed to sit. At this time, you are not to play with her, but to merely observe. (“Don’t you dare touch my toys!”)
  • “Cmon,” followed by the open and closing of her outstretched fists, her command for us to follow
  • “Be back!” She used this one the other day while we were outside as she walked away from us and up the concrete steps from our shop to the house. She’d take a couple of steps, turn to look down on us and yell, “Be back!” and then take a couple more steps and repeat. When she got to the top, true to her word, she turned around and headed back down (right after I sprinted up the steps to hold her hand to prevent her from spilling her brains).

She is also getting a crash course on time-outs. Up until the past couple of weeks, she’s only been in a T.O. a few times, but lately? The throwing and hair-pulling and biting and bullying have been unwelcome and frequent occurrences. And the drama that ensues when she realizes that we are NOT! playing! Bamboo shafts under the fingernails would illicit less screaming and tears. The girl has a temper and I can tell you without hesitation that she certainly doesn’t get it from me. Ah, the one of many advantages of donor egg…

I’ve had several strangers remark how little she is, which I totally do not get. In one case, the woman who after she asked how old Aitch was and then offered up that her daughter was of the same age, said to me, “Oh, she’s really small, isn’t she?” Yeah, I suppose she would look really small to you considering that she’s sitting quietly on the floor while your daughter is standing over top of her, drooling and unblinkingly staring at Aitch’s cheerio snacks. Could you tell her to step off, please? It’s a bit creepy, even if she IS only 20 months old. I wish Aitch had stood up to show the other mother that while her daughter may have been…how shall I say…more robust, Aitch was taller.

The other topic I’ve been meaning to bring up is in regards to Aitch’s hair. She’s got moppet slash muppet hair (really. like this picture except it covers her eyes, too). Sparring Partner thinks she looks adorable with it in her face (and she does), but sorry, that’s not a doable ‘do. Because I am projecting my long-hair envy unto Aitch, I’ve been reluctant to get it cut. Should I continue to clip it or band it up and hope that eventually it trains to lie nicely on her peanut head or do I cut her bangs and bob up the back to reduce MY headache? She’ll leave in the clips and whatnot until she gets tired, which is when she starts to play with her hair and is reminded that something is up there. However, at daycare, by the time they notice her actions, the hair band or clip has disappeared, which means by the time I pick her up, she’s developed a couple of dreads that take forever to pick through.

And…*exhale*…for now.

5 thoughts on “Up to Speed”

  1. I have always had the “so small” comments with my babes – and yes they were smallish babies but hey they were easier to get out cos of that thank you and there is nothing wrong with being less than robust. Another case of people trying to find something to say and saying something stupid.

  2. Yeah, the temper thing is (hopefully) just her age. Gearing up for those Terrible Two’s y’know?

    I always got the opposite. “Ohhh, she’s soooo BIIIIG! I hope that she slims out in her teens” Huh?? Maggie is 52 lbs, 48″ tall, wears a 6-6x, or 7 slim. This kid is all muscle, not an ounce of fat on her.

    Oddly enough, with Will, who is more “robust” I get a people telling me that he’s going to be a big, strapping lad. And people wonder why eating disorders are starting to become more prevalent with ‘tweens.

    Maggie has really fine hair and nothing would ever stay in her hair. I try to keep it a little past her shoulders so it can still go in a ponytail. Joe always wants her haircut with bangs. I hate bangs. I keep trying to talk her into letting them grow out.

  3. I’m sorry about the recent development of the Aitch temper and the poor toddler behavior. I hope it’s a phase and passes soon.

    People seem to feel some weird need to comment on children’s sizes. In a single day, we’ve been told that Harry is huge and that he’s tiny by different people. I wish I knew what made people feel the need to comment on that subject, as well as how they made their determination — it’s really quite odd.

    I am clueless on the hair — a plus of having a boy is that the hair issue is more straight-forward; a minus is that it seems to require very frequent trimming.

  4. Ok, don’t knock the “robust” babies. Thank you very much.

    And also, just get her hair shaped, so that it’s not so moppet-ish. You can still leave it long. You can still put it in little pig tails or barrettes, but that way if you leave it down, she won’t look like David Bowie.

  5. Leave the hair for as long as possible. Supply the day care with hair accessories to install whenever her hair becomes a problem (my girl WILL NOT HAVE THINGS IN HER HAIR…if I put them in. If her teachers at day care put them in, she lives with it).

    My girl is small. She’s actually close to average, but she’s going to be short, like her parents. That’s the way it is.

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