No Fence Can Be Built Tall Enough To Make Us Better Neighbors

When I lost my job (OVER A FUCKING YEAR AGO!), the only positive thought I had is that at least I’m not that VP who also lost her job and will have to sell her house and move to find ANYTHING even close to her prior salary or position. I knew I’d have to start at the bottom again because there’s no way we would or could move. I’ve done it before and can do it again.

That being said, I am SO over looking on job websites and newspapers and sending out resume after resume with only a smattering of responses that always say, “Upon review of your resume…blahblahblah….we have already filled the position….blahblahblah…” so fuck off. Oh. That’s me, not them.

I had submitted a resume to a large, local company via an email a few weeks ago. Almost immediately I got a rejection email back. The position had been filled. Do-wa-ditty-ditty-dum-ditty-do.

But last week I thought I caught a break when I had a voicemail message from the company’s HR department letting me know another position had opened up and I was instructed to complete their company’s app, which I did immediately the next day. Within 24 hours, I had an email from the HR person requesting an interview. I was seriously pumped.

Today I had the interview. Kind of. Actually, I sat across from one of their HR people and verified what I did and have done and then took their typing and 10-key test (with most excellent results – thank you). The rep then told me that the next step would be her presenting my resume to her boss, Mrs. Jung.

What? You don’t remember the infamous Mrs. Jung??

Our neighbor whose building permit I protested in public?

Our neighbor who absconded Aitch’s personalized birth day gift because it was mailed in error to her home?


I better go. Looks like I’ll be sending out more resumes.

Ugh. Just one more disadvantage to small town living.