Up and Down, Down, Down

I’ve been thrown into another funk. I’m not sure if they are more frequent or if it feels that way because I have happier days followed by hard crashes.

While I knew what the outcome would be, the response to my follow-up email to the HR department still made me flush in humiliation, “While the position has not yet been filled, Management is not interested in conducting a second interview.” Don’t take it personally? How else should I take it?

Also, I have been anticipating a trip to Boston later this spring specifically to meet up with some friends I have never met. Yes, blogging friends. However, the anticipation and excitement has been dampened by my fear of traveling by myself and trying to get around a city I’m utterly incapable of alone. I thought I would surprise Sparring Partner by planning a covert getaway as it would be on the weekend of our anniversary (I was even able to line up care for Aitch and Doodicus), but after all my hinting to a holiday without the kids, SP is adamant he does not want to go anywhere. Finally I just asked him if he would come with me to Boston. He said no. And that was that.

So now I don’t know what to do. If you’re from the Boston area and you have some advice on how to overcome my fears as a small town farm girl getting around a big city by herself, feel free to impart your wisdom and advice.

Combine the above with my ever increasing perception of my dysmorphism issues; I’m just feeling more than a little malaised.

17 thoughts on “Up and Down, Down, Down”

  1. UMMMMMM!!! I am about an hour from Boston!! Hint Hint!! I will totally come down and meet you for drinks or whatever!! Don’t get a car. Use the T. If you get lost, people on the street will point you in the right direction. Really, I am so directionally challenged and I can do it (given extra time for going the wrong way).

    Really, if you have time, I would love to meet you – let me know when you are going to be out.
    At the least, I should buy you a drink for all of the support you have given me!!

  2. One of my very best friends lives in Boston and when I was single I used to go visit her all the time and I went out exploring by myself when she was at work. The “T” makes the city super easy to navigate and there are so many great museums and shopping that you’ll want to get out and explore. A car is a pain in the arse there, stay somewhere near the T and just take that or cabs.

  3. It is over 23 years ( eek )since I wad in Boston but I remember it as being pretty easy as fate as cities go. I’d avoid driving if at all possible. If subways etc are daunting get cabs – it’s your treat!
    Myhusband would say no to a blog meet weekend too so I am not surprised at SP but I would still be pissed off.

  4. You can do Boston! It’ll be okay. I’ve gotten around it by myself. It’s not a scary big city. I think my only problem was trying to get on the highway to leave it.

    Sorry about the job. And your husband’s disinclination.

  5. I went for a seminar years ago, and I found it to be wonderful. The people were very helpful, and like others have said, I walked everywhere and never felt threatened. I did the whole Paul Revere tour, walking tour, spent an afternoon in a GORGEOUS park and it was wonderful. It was a great few days. It has a small town feel, in a bigger city. Plus…..great food. Yes, I measure cities by their food.

    (Though, stayed at the C.opley S.quare H.otel and the bar caught on fire after closing, around 3 am. I was sound asleep and kept hearing sirens getting closer and closer, then heard the hotel PA system telling us to get out. When we were evacuated to the street, one of the employees from the hotel across the street came out and literally said “Oh, C.opley is on fire again”. I kid you not. He said “again”. I was assured this was not a common occurrence by others standing by 🙂

  6. I would totally make the trip with you if I could! But I can’t so I was going to suggest you see if anyone else might be going and feeling a bit apprehensive about it, too and I see Shanna has volunteered! Go with Shanna and figure out the city together. I KNOW you will have a great time (probably better than if you had gone with SP) and I will sit here feeling jealous when I read your posts about the trip.

  7. If you are driving swing by and pick me up. Between the two of us we should be able to figure something out. 😉

  8. Seriously? Throw a rock through her window.

    Being the geographically challenged dolt that I am, don’t ask me for directions. You’d wind up in the hah-bahr. However…..Does your cute little phone have gps?

    Yes, please come to Philly. Even I would venture out of my cozy little burb(gps addisted, of course) to the big, bad city to FINALLY meet you!

  9. I wish you were coming a little further south to my neck of the woods, Philadelphia.

    I spent many of my working days in th 90’s in Boston, specifically Cambridge. Wonderful city, and not intimidating at all. Been years since I’ve been up that way.

    SP, what a buzzkill.

  10. Add me to the list of people who’d love to see you when you’re here. And to the list of people who say that Boston is really quite easy to navigate, even if you don’t know it well — far easier than pretty much any other decent-sized city I’ve been too. The subway is very simple in its design, and the city is incredibly walkable anyway. Although our reputation is otherwise, people here are also very friendly/helpful if you get lost or turned around.

    Shoot me an email with any questions!

  11. Boston is EMINIENTLY approachable, walking – wise. Seriously, you don’t get much more “small town” feel when you can walk the entire city in 2 hours.

    And it’s gorgeous here in the spring. Fly into Boston. I suggest a Fenway Park tour, a Duck tour, and a visit across the river (on the Red Line) to Harvard Square.

    And if you have extra time, would love to meet up for a drink too.

    Shoot me an email if I can help you more.


  12. Dude, you’re coming to Boston? We should meet up!
    The city is very easy to navigate by foot and train. Email me if you have any questions.

  13. I was born in Boston and now live an hour away. Boston is an extremely walkable city, and most people (I think) are pretty helpful if you’re lost. The subway system is good (see http://www.mbta.com/rider_tools/trip_planner/ for a trip planning tool on how to use the subway to get around.)

    The Freedom Trail still exists (#4 from a, above). You do need to be an extremely aggressive driver, but I hate to drive in Boston, because it’s so walkable.

    Even though we barely know each other, feel free to email me if you need any specifics or if you want to see anythng in particular. My sister has an Aquarium membership, and I may be renewing my Museum of Science membership.

  14. OK, I’m from Chicago, so that may be a factor, but I found Boston incredibly easy to navigate. This was before the time of GPS – or even my usage of Yahoo maps. All I had were written directions, so it must have been pretty easy. Here are things of interest that you should prepare for if you plan on driving around there: 1. They have traffic circles/roundabouts/whatever you like to call these traffic obstructions. 2. If you’re a fairly aggressive driver, you should be OK. 3. The merging lanes on their highways are…oh… approximately 5 inches long, so be prepared. 4. All of the historical stuff in Boston used to be along a marked walking trail (not sure if it’s still there), and with a tourist map, you should be able to find everything you need to see.

    Heather is right – now you can just print out maps for wherever you want to go, or take a GPS. If you get lost, it’s because you’re trying to!

    Sparring Partner needs a smack upside the head for passing up a trip alone with his beautiful wife! As to the job – I think some poison cookies are an appropriate response. Sigh. Their loss.

  15. I’m not from there but you know I spew Assvice…do you have a gps? I would definitely take that with you.

    Also, I would print out maps for places you know you are going to – like airport to hotel or whatever.

    Boys are stupid. I hope you have a FANTASTIC trip!!

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