See this little cutie-patootie?

She can be an asshole.

Daycare has provided her many wonderful and new experiences. Like what? Like this:

Saying, “Don’t that!”


Pull hair. Hard.



Wait…did I already mention that? Well, it bears repeating since she can do it repeatedly and in ever increasing crescendo and octave.

I’m exhausted.

8 thoughts on “Chameleon”

  1. I haven’t seen her in forever – she’s gorgeous. And I’m SURE she doesn’t run around telling her Dad “go away you little nasty girl”. Ours does on occassion.

  2. It must be a full moon or something. Cause my cutie-patootie has been a COMPLETE asshole for the past two days.

    At least she’s cute. (That’s what I tell myself, anyway.)


  3. That’s WHY little kids are so cute. So that we don’t kill them when they act up.

    Yes, they *do* learn some interesting things at daycare. Maggie learned how to “shake your booty” dance and Will loved to tell me that “I’m not the boss of him!” Oh, yes I am.

  4. Ah, daycare…

    I always referred to my niece and nephews as the little monsters. My daughter is the little menace. Kids are evil, man.

    She’s awfully cute, though. And she does look like she’s up to something!

    (Re: hair pulling – my daughter has always been soothed by having hair in her fingers. Usually it’s hers, but lately it’s been my hair. Generally, she’s pretty gentle, but if she gets worked up, I get my hair pulled.)

  5. Your Aitch has a look like she’s hiding some wild behind that sweetness. Good thing she’s so adorable!

    I get in trouble a lot for calling my sweet, adorable, cute, wonderful nephews, that I would do anything for, assholes (behind their backs of course). You know, just while they’re awake 🙂

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