I still haven’t booked my flight for Boston, but I’ll probably get it done here in the next week or two. I was just talking about the trip again to Sparring Partner last night and how I was going to see some bloggerS. “What do you mean, ‘bloggerS’? I thought you were going out to meet up with one from Ireland.”

“Scotland,” I corrected, “and since I’m going by myself, I figured I’d have time to meet several from the area.” So there, I thought in my head, and stuck out my tongue. In my head.

Or at least I think I’m going to meet up with more than the two I originally intended to get together with. When I first blogged about the trip, I replied to some emails that said they would like to get together, but only heard back from one. What kind of teases are you people from New England?? I need to know if I’m shaving my legs for this trip or not so if you want to hook up, get a hold of me!

Here’s what I know: flying out the 16th of June and returning the 20th. Just in time to get home and find the gorgeous 10-year anniversary band I’ve been eyeballing for 3 years. Actually, it’s more realistic for me to find no laundry done; the children sleeping on the couch where Sparring Partner let them pass out after a sugar high and some NASCAR watching; and two gallons of milk sitting in the garage where they were forgotten once brought home from the grocery store the day before.

So…I will need the warm memories of coffee, cake, and alcohol consumption from Boston to keep me from murdering my husband in those first crucial 48 hours home. I am free the entire time so if you really do wish get together (and oh, how I wish it!), let’s make some tentative plans. Pick your favorite spots of locale and I’ll bring my camera. Email me at thismamasaid (at) gmail (dot) com.