So long, Siobhan. You have talent but that screeching turns off the average viewer. I’m an average viewer, but don’t blame me. I’m not that much of an AI fan to actually vote.

Have you tuned into LOGO TV? OMG! You must. RuPaul’s Drag Race is the epitome of a trainwreck…that is if trainwrecks put bedazzled vags to shame, wear six inch long false eyelashes, and don penis-tucking tights (say that 3 times really fast: penistuckingtightspenistuckingtightspenistuckingtights!).

My husband accused me of holding a grudge. Moi? Oh you mean because I was grumbling about how Stalking Ex-coworker is sending her two oldest to the same daycare as Doodicus, even though I haven’t worked with her in over a year? Even though she blabbed about my pregnancies with other employees via my blog posts? Even though she told other people about my blog. No, I don’t hold a grudge. I just don’t like her. Never have. Never will.

Aitch is sick. No, she isn’t. Yes, she is! NO, she isn’t!

Found a job!!


I took an archery lesson. Apparently I’m good. I’d be interested in joining the club if it wasn’t for the fact that a basic compound bow is anywhere between $400-$1,000.

Consequently, I have a now healing blister on my index finger and my driving finger (named for when it seems to always make an appearance). But I’m going to suck it up because I think finger guards are for pussies. Yes, I know. Finger guards are really for fingers. I couldn’t even imagine how you would get one on a pussy.

7 thoughts on “Scramble”

  1. I used a trigger release and I had to use an arm guard. I bought my compound bow used for under $200. A local hunting supply shop had some on consignment. (This was in Alaska, not suburban Southern California.)

  2. I was going to make a comment that connected the stalking ex-coworker and the bow, something along the lines of “ooops”, but today is the day of the month I picked to be nice.

  3. Wait, what’s wrong with holding a grudge?

    Also, finger splint’s aren’t for pussies… They’re for pussies’ fingers 🙂 Wait, that doesn’t sound better… Must rethink.

  4. I totally hold grudges. I have a grudge against someone from something done when my daughter was an infant, and she’s turning 8 this year.

    Cool about the archery! I tried shooting a (really bad) bow once at a renaissance fair. I’d hyperextended the arm that was sticking out holding the bow (I’m sure there’s a technical term), and then the bowstring snapped along my elbow. I got a really impressive bruise! So I would need… you know, whole arm guards, or possibly chainmail. 😉

  5. Thank you for the horrible joke re: finger guards.

    I’m holding a grudge against my sister for something that happened…oh…about…17 years ago. I won’t ever be letting that one go, and I can be cordial, but…

    I’ll have to check out LOGO TV. Maybe I can do something more useful with my internet connection – although that’s doubtful if it involves RuPaul.

    Siobhan was annoying. So is Aaron Kelly. Crystal Bowersox is going to win in spite of her horrible dreadlocks because she’s a really good singer.

  6. Too bad for Sibohan, she at least deserved to stick around longer than Big Mike or High School Student Aaron Kelly.

    I do watch LOGO! But not for RuPaul. For Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns! What a great female empowerment show–be sure to introduce XBoy and Aitch when the time is right.

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