Defeated. Deflated.

My apology for the last post. I was just so frustrated and angry and needed a quick vent or I would have fucking gone postal so for the first time in four years, I emailed a post in.

This post may take a while because I’m watching last night’s DVR’d Saturday Night Live with Betty White. And my battery is waning on my laptop. And BettyfreakingWhite!


I just now deleted a long diatribe about the work situation, but you know? There’s just no point to it. Defeatism is panting at my heels.

Should I bother mentioning it was Mother’s Day today? Oh, you knew that? Of course you did. Isn’t it funny how the celebration of this holiday is done by escaping all things mother-related, like getting the kids up and dressed, and breakfast prepared, snacks ready, homework, lunch, laundry, naps, baths, supper and keeping the peace until bedtime so that finally….FINALLY, there’s time to chill out?

You should know how my day went if you paid any attention to the time stamp of this post (it’s currently 10:37 p.m. CST). Yeah, so Mother’s Day was pretty much like any other day from the past 8 years. Except this afternoon my son asked me to check out something on the table. I found a piece of pink construction paper that said, “To Mom From Doodicus Happy Mother’s Day” and taped to it was a ten dollar bill. One of HIS ten dollar bills from his gift stash.

God, I love that kid.

9 thoughts on “Defeated. Deflated.”

  1. How cool. You need to tell him you did something awesome with the 10 bucks, then sneak it back into his stash. Hey, you do something good, something good comes back 🙂

  2. Doodicus is awesome…what a great kid!

    The work situation…I don’t think there’s anything I can say that hasn’t already been said. (Even so, it sucks, it’s awful, and I desperately hope that a great job is coming really soon.) I’m here if you need an ear. Call or text anytime.

  3. I’m sorry that your work situation sucks so much. I hope you can find something permanent and pleasant.

    We had no light duty on Mother’s Day around here either. My husband suggested going out for dinner, and I laughed at him. He doesn’t like to wait, so it was mostly out of the question. We did go to a local sandwich place.

    Sounds like your boy has the right idea, though…

  4. Happy belated Mother’s Day. Gee, we’re supposed to get a day of light-duty? I was up at 7 with the kids, made them breakfast, got them dressed, took them to Mass, went grocery shopping, made Joe his “lunch”, sent him off to work, went to HIS mother’s with the flowers I bought her, went to my Mom’s, came home at 7, bathed, jammied & bedded the kids by 9, did 3 loads of laundry, ironed Joe’s shirts for the week, made lunches, straightened up the house, then dragged my ass to bed at 10:45. Joe came home a little early and kept me awake by telling me allll about his stressful shift. He had 3 calls right around dinner break, so he didn’t get a chance to go to his Mom’s for spaghetti & meatballs. He was so hungry that he just ate the lunch I had packed for TODAY. I think he expected me to go downstairs and make him another lunch. Nuh-uhn. He can go hungry.
    Since Father’s day falls on MY birthday this year; I think I’ll go out for the day and let him spend the whole day being Daddy.

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